Radinn Carve – The Jetboard for Experts

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Radinn Carve – The Jetboard for Experts

The Radinn Carve is designed for light intermediate and advanced riders. The small shape with foot straps enables sharp turns and a very agile riding style. It is almost a race board.


Experience level: intermediate
Max. Speed: Up to 52 km/h
Range: Up to 45 minutes
Charging time: 120 (quick charger) minutes
Engine: 7,5 - 9 kW kWh
Weight incl. battery: 41 kg
Length: 178 cm
Width: 63 cm
Deliver time: 8 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 90 kg
Remote control: yes


From 11.680€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

9.815,13€ excl. German VAT


The Radinn Carve is newest Jetboard for intermediate and advanced riders in the 2021 line up. Colours are either a combination of white, grey, dark cyan (Tarifa) or dark grey (Phantom).

If your are looking for a board which is easier to ride, please have a look at the Radinn Freeride Jetboard.

The board:

With just 9 kg the hull without battery and Jetpack is  very light and has the dimensions of 178 x 63 x 17 cm. It offers a top speed of up to 42 km/h (26 mph) or up to 52 km/h (32 mph) depending on which Jetpack is used. The range depending on the battery chosen up to 45 minutes. The board including jetpack weighs 21 kg plus 20 kg for the battery which makes 41 kg in total.

The board has a lightweight EPS core with a compressed, fiber reinforced resin shell and ABS polymer interface zones.

Radinn Carve Tarifa
Radinn Carve Tarifa

Who ist for?

It is designed for advanced riders which like tight turns and it can be used as a race board as it has foot straps for more control. While it is shipping without a handle you can connect a handle if you want to. This would enable even sharper turns but feels less like surfing. The Radinn Carve Jetboards come with the board, a jetpack, a battery, a remote control, a set of FCS fins, a magnetic safety leash and a standard charger. There is an optional speed charger which reduces the charging tome from 4-5 hours to about 2 hours. It is however recommended to use the standard charger for slower charging every 10th charging cycle to extend the battery live.

Radinn Carve Phantom
Radinn Carve Phantom


The Carve is not only available in 2 colors, but due to the modular systems which can be upgraded by software at a later stage it has also three different battery setups (Standard, Long Range and Extended Range) as well as three different Jetpack configurations (Standard, Pro and Radical). You can start with the small battery and small Jetpack to hit your budget. This is similar to the standard charger part of Radinn’s strategy to enable a low entry cost, which can be upgraded over time.

Later on you can upgrade your components by a software update if you need more range and power. For the software upgrade it is not necessary to send in the battery or jetpack. It is just done via the Radinn Smartphone app. But we are also happy to do the upgrade for you in our shop in Berlin.

In the following table you can compare the different setups:

ModelTop Speed
(0-40 km/h)
(hull only)
Carve429.7 sec259 kg178 x 63 x 17
Carve Long Range429.7 sec359 kg178 x 63 x 17
Carve Extended Range429.7 sec459 kg178 x 63 x 17
Carve Pro523.4 sec259 kg178 x 63 x 17
Carve Pro Long Range523.4 sec359 kg178 x 63 x 17
Carve Pro Extended Range523.4 sec459 kg178 x 63 x 17

The new G3 Jetpack from Radinn is the third generation propulsion of the Swedish manufacturer which started the development already 7 years ago and was one of the first electric surfboard companies in the market. The Standard jetpack (about 7,5 kW) gives you up to 42 km/h maximum speed while the Pro version (about 9 kW) gets you up to 52 km/h.

The new batteries are available in 2 configurations. The Standard battery with 1,9 kWh gives you about up to 25 minutes riding time and the Extended Range battery with 3,5 kWh up to 45 minutes.

Radinn Carve configurations:

NOTE: On May 17th 2021 Radinn did increase the prices and changed the configurations. There is no Long Range battery anymore and Radical mode will not be available before 2022.


Tarifa: a combination of white, grey, dark cyan

Phantom: dark grey


Carve – Standard Jetpack, Standard battery = 11.680 EUR incl. German VAT plus shipping

Carve – Pro Jetpack , Standard battery = 13.640 EUR incl. German VAT plus shipping


Carve – Standard Jetpack, Extended Range battery = 13.980 EUR incl. German VAT plus shipping

Carve – Pro Jetpack , Extended Range battery = 15.940 EUR incl. German VAT plus shipping


  • The optional speed charger is available for 599 EUR incl. German VAT plus shipping.
  • Radinn spare batteries (Extended Range): 6,800 EUR incl. German VAT plus shipping. With a battery capacity of 3.5 kWh and approximately 45 min ride time, the Extended Range battery provides you enough ride time to evolve and excel on your board.

All prices and specs are subject to change. For an exact quote please request an offer with the form below.

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For additional questions you can contact us or post your questions in our forum.

More about Radinn

Radinn is a Swedish Jetboard manufacturer and a veteran in this industry. The eSurfboard start up from Malmö started with the WakeJet in 2017. In 2019 they launched the successor Called Radinn G2X and in 2020 the new G3 Jet was announced. As such the 2021 models Carve and Freeride are the 3rd generation.


Already the G2X Radinn Jetpack (jet propulsion system) was offered in 2 versions. The G2X Intermediate was good for up to 30 mph or 48 km/h and the G2X Pro did achieve up to 35 mph or 56 km/h. In addition the battery was offered in 2 sizes. The Standard battery which promised up to 35 minutes riding time and the Long Range battery which referred to up to 45 minutes.

You already at the time had to choose which color, battery and Jetpack you would like. After that you had more options, such like carbon fibre handles which ere lighter and more robust than the standard ones. An optional speed charger which enabled charging in 2.5 hours was available as well. The G2X did already have the current remote control, which is one of the best hand controllers in the market.


Now the Radinn G3 Jetpack is available in the Standard and the Pro version which come with a different performance. While the G3 is good for up to 44 km/h and an acceleration from 0-40 km/h in 8,9 seconds, the Pro models claims up to 56 km/h and an acceleration from 0-40 km/h in 3 seconds. Very soon there will be an even more powerful setup called Radical. This will be also a software update.

Both the G3 and G3 Pro use the same hardware, but have loaded a different software version. This enables the users to upgrade at a later stage through a software update to feed the additional performance. Each Jetboard hull is available in 2 colours, but rather than calling the color out Radinn gives the entire board a new name which makes it six boards in total:

  1. Radinn Explore Icebreaker (white)
  2. Radinn Explorer Sentinel (dark grey)
  3. Radinn Freeride Urban Rebel (space grey)
  4. Radinn Freeride Element (black)
  5. Radinn Carve Tarifa (white, grey, dark cyan)
  6. Radinn Carve Phantom (dark grey)

Since the Explore is basically the G2X with the new jet and ride very similar to the Freeride we only offer the Carve and Freeride. But of course we could order an Explore for you as well.

Each Jetboard is available as the Pro and Standard version either featuring the Radinn G3 Pro Jetpack or the G3, which makes it 12 different models. And with the Radical setup it would be even more.

Explore model:

As mentioned before the Explore model which is pretty much the Radinn G2X in the colors white (Icebreaker) and dark grey (Sentinel) but using the new G3 or G3 Pro Jetpack offers a top speed of up to 40 km/h (25 mph) or up to 51 km/h (32 mph). The hull without battery and Jetpack is 15 kg. The range depending on the battery used is  between 25 and 45 minutes. It I designed for beginners and has the dimensions of 190 x 70 x 12 cm.

Freeride model:

The Radinn Freeride is a new jetboard for the 2021 line up from Sweden. Colors are either space grey (Urban Rebel) or black (Element). With 12 kg the hull without battery and Jetpack is 3 kg lighter compared to the Explore model. It offers a top speed of up to 43 km/h (27 mph) or up to 56 km/h (35 mph) depending on which Jetpack is used. The range depending on the battery used is claimed to be between 25 and 45 minutes. It is designed for immediate riders and has the dimensions of 190 x 78 x 19 cm.

Read more about the Freeride model here.