Let’s have a look at the 2018 Lampuga Air Jetsurfer. The Jetsurfer was completely redesigned under new ownership and with new engineers.

The inflatable electric jetboard will be available from June 2018.

2018 Lampuga Air Jetsurfer
2018 Lampuga Air Jetsurfer

The new 2018 Lampuga Air comes with a new beautiful design and it is available in the 6 colours grey, yellow, red, lighter blue, blue and black.

Lampuga colours
Lampuga colours

The inflatable jetsurfer has a powerbox which includes the replaceable battery. The inflatable body is connected to the powerbox and can be exchanged. A different color every day ? 😉

The new Lampuga Air was shown the first time at boot 2018 in January and the Allstar Jetboard Tour team did an interview with Nico Weisenburger, the CEO of Lampuga.

The Powerbox with it 10kW engine is about 17 kg and the battery is about 20 kg. In total with the inflatable body it is about 38 kg.

The 2018 Lampuga Air is 221 cm long, 70 cm wide and 23 cm thick.

The battery charges in 120 minutes and is good for a 45 minutes ride with a maximum speed of 31 mph or 50 km/h.

Jetsurfer Handle with remote
Jetsurfer Handle with remote

The Jetsurfer comes with a handle to stabilise the ride. The handle also includes the wireless remote control.

If you don’t want a handle you can disconnect the leash and just hold it in your hand and secure it with a wrist band.

Let’s see how it compares to the former Lampuga Air:

2016 Lampuga Air2018 Lampuga Air
Price (+VAT)
12,590 EUR10,990 EUR
discontinuedJune 2018
50 km/h50 km/h
30 minutes45 minutes
38 kg38 kg

We like the 2018 Lampuga Air Jetsurfer with its inflatable body, because it is easier to transport and you don’t get scratches and wholes as easy as with a hard body.

We also like the design and since we saw it live at boot 2018 we cannot wait to ride the jetsurfer the first time.

It will be only a few weeks until we can ride the board and publish a complete review.

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More information at lampuga.de