Awake VINGA – The eFoil from Schweden

The Awake VINGA is the latest product from Awake Boards. In addition to the Rävik Jetboards, the Swedish manufacturer has now announced an eFoil. The VINGA eFoil is scheduled to be available in June 2022.

Awake Vinga DNA

The Awake VINGA follows the design of the Rävik Jetboards. Made of carbon fiber in the typical noble red-white-black industrial design. The VINGA eFoil uses the same batteries as the Rävik brothers. That's why the battery is now called Flex Battery, because it can be used flexibly for all Awake boards.

eFoil from Awake Boards
eFoil from Awake Boards

Unlike Ewave or originally announced at Jetsurf, this is not an adapter for the jetboards, but a standalone foilboard. But it uses the same remote control and the same battery. It fits the existing Awake batteries since 2018.

First eFoil from Awake

Just like the Audi e-tron foil, the Awake VINGA features a jet propulsion aka fully shielded propeller, which reduces the risk of injury compared to an open propeller. For the same reason, the wings are also rounded at the tips. The aluminum mast also does without sharp edges. Safety is therefore a top priority.

The eFoil expert will notice quite quickly that there are no handles on the sides of the board. This is normally a no-go, as it makes it difficult to typically carry the board with one hand on the mast and one hand on the hand strap. However, when asked by e-surfer, they have a plausible explanation for this:

Awake VINGA Click-to-ride
Awake VINGA Click-to-ride


The answer is Click-to-Ride. Click-to-Ride means that the Awake Vinga can be assembled in less than 30 seconds. Without any screws. It is simply plugged together. Awake recommends therefore to carry the components:

  • eFoil Board
  • Mast with propulsion and wing
  • Flex battery

separately to the water, because there it can be put together very quickly. A unique approach so far. For this you have to walk two or three times, but in return the individual components are lighter and can be carried even by not so strong people. I find this a very innovative idea from Awake. But in the end probably a matter of taste. Practice will show.

No hand straps on the sides
No hand straps on the sides

But don't worry. For those who want to carry the eFoil in the traditional way, there is still a hand strap in the middle of the board, as you can see in the picture above. This is the hand strap of the battery. By the way, Awake's click-to-ride technology eliminates all cable connections.

There is currently only one VINGA board size. On request of e-surfer Awake mentioned that the difficulty level of the only 138 cm short foil board with 60 liters volume is between the Standard and Pro Model of Fliteboard and the Cruiser and Sport Model of Lift Foils.


It can be chosen between 2 wings for market entry. The Awake Powder 1350 for riders up to 80 kg and the Powder 1800 for riders over 80 kg. The standard battery is said to be good for 80 minutes of riding time and the XR battery for 120 minutes. The charging times are identical to the riding times. I personally recommend the XR battery.

Vinga eFoil in action
Vinga eFoil in action

The Awake VINGA uses the standard Awake remote control and thus offers 3 modes: ECO, SPORT and EXTREME. The eFoil is approved for riders up to 110 kg.

Experiences from my earlier Rävik review: The remote control is high-quality and feels good in the hand. The display is bright enough - even in the sun. It takes some getting used to that you accelerate with your thumb. So far, I only knew this from Onean. But since the trigger was very smooth, my thumb had no signs of fatigue.

Vinga eFoil hand controller
Vinga eFoil hand controller

Awake VINGA - jet propulsion

Let's get back to the propulsion. Awake and Audi are so far the only eFoil manufacturers that rely on a jet drive.

Just like the Audi eFoil, the motor is located at the lowest end of the mast. This allows the driver to use the full length of the mast. The mast has a length of 70 cm. The diameter of the impeller housing is larger than that of the Audi e-tron foil. This speaks for a higher water resistance when surfing waves. But we will be able to judge that better after our first tests.

eFoil jet propulsion
eFoil jet propulsion

Unfortunately, the Awake VINGA eFoil will not be available until June 2022. And also only in Europe and in limited quantities. The price including the XR Flex battery is about 15,900 EUR without VAT. So 18,929 EUR incl. 19% VAT in Germany plus shipping. This price does not include the 3 bags for board, battery and accessories. These will be available as accessories.

You can order the board in our store as soon as delivery times are known. If you want to reserve one in advance, please contact us. We hope to get our demo VINGA eFoil already in April/May and can't wait for the first rides 😉

And here's a little fun fact about the naming: While the Awake Jetboards owe their name to co-founder Philip Werner, who grew up in Rävik, Sweden, the eFoil name is about co-founder Daniel Aronsson, who comes form Vinga.

Jetboard vs eFoil
Jetboard vs eFoil

What do you think of the new Awake VINGA eFoil? Please let us know in the forum. Further tips and tricks can be found on the E-Surfer Youtube Channel.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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