Sipaboards review - Motor Paddle Board

For our Sipaboards review we took the inflatable motor paddle board and did an unboxing video as well as multiple test rides to share our experience with you.

A motor paddle board is ideal for the entire family. No matter if you want to go out for a longer tour and make sure you have enough power to get back or if you want to entertain your kids, this water toy will serve you. Yes, with over 2,000 EUR it is not an inexpensive toy, but if you consider that you pay around 1,000 EUR or more for a high quality SUP surfboard plus around 200 EUR for an electric pump and a few hundred EUR or more for a standalone motor it starts to make sense.

Standalone motors like the Scubajet wich you can connect to an existing SUP can cost up to 2,000 EUR on its own, but of course the Scubajet can be used as a diving scooter as well. The Sipaboards motor paddle boards are an all in one electric sup with motor. Not only is the jet drive integrated in the iSUP hull and not connected to the fin box as other standalone sup motors, but the engine acts also as an electric pump to inflate your board.

In our Sipaboards review and unboxing video you can see how this works:

The self inflation in our test took about 5 minutes. It is a little bit noisy, but not more than other electric SUP pumps. You just connect a tube from the motor to the inflatable hull and press the power button on the remote for 3 seconds. Now the pump will inflate the board to about 50%. After inserting the motor unit into the hull you press the button a second time for 3 seconds and it will inflate to 100%. The pump stops automatically in step one and step two. The entire process takes about 5 minutes as mentioned above.

What impressed us most is how well you can use the SUP with the motor turned off. You feel no resistance of the engine at all. This was different with the Blue Fin Drive which is connected instead of the fin while the Sipaboards engine is fully integrated into the board and it still has a fin. The Blue Fin Drive is with about 500 EUR inexpensive compared to other models, but it is huge and makes it almost impossible to use the iSUP surfboard without the motor turned on. In addition the quality is not very good. Our Blue Fin Drive stopped working after 10 times use. The ScubaJet SUP motor creates much less drag than the Blue Fin and has way better quality, but of course it is four times the price.

Sipaboards vs. Naish with BlueFin Drive
Sipaboards vs. Naish with BlueFin Drive

Let's come back to our Sipaboards review. The security leash can be very easily used to transport the board and the remote control never lost the connection in our test rides. The board is very easy and intuitive to use, so even kids learn it in minutes. Our test rider was 8 years old and had a lot of fun. Even with the fully integrated engine, which (you would think) cannot build so much torque as an external propeller, we were able to tow a second SUP with a kid at almost the same speed.

Sipaboards towing a 2nd SUP
Sipaboards towing a 2nd SUP

The speed is in line with the manufacturers data and about 5-7 km/h The battery is very small, but still good for 1-3 hours depending on the speed and conditions. Overall we were very pleased with the Sipaboards Allrounder which we used for this review. It performed definitely better compared to our inflatable Naish SUP using a Blue Fin Drive which has the same price if you add board and SUP motor. Even when comparing it with a premium SUP motor such like the ScubaJet we still would go for the Sipaboards as the fully integrated engine is more comfortable in handling and it just rides like a normal SUP board with the motor turned off.

The Sipaboards are now available in our Electric SUP Shop.

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