Evolve Carbon GT test. Today will have a closer look at the Evolve Carbon GT in our Electric Skateboard Test. Some fans think about it as the Ferrari of electric skateboards. Evolve has 2 models, which both have a street as well as a all-terrain setup.

In our Evolve Carbon GT test we were focussing on the all-terrain setup.

While the Evolve Bamboo, like most electric skateboards, comes with a deck out of wood where the battery is mounted, the Evolve Carbon GT has an integrated battery.

Evolve Carbon GT Test
Evolve Carbon GT Test

The battery can be changed for maintenance, but it is not just swapping the battery like with some other electric skateboards. In our Evolve Carbon GT mode the battery lasted about 13 miles in FAST mode.

The motor gives you 3,000 watt of power, which accelerates the twin brushless motor up to 27 miles an hour. The lithium ion battery charges in 4-5 hours and should bring you about 25 mils in distance.

Electric Skateboard Test
Electric Skateboard Test

The Evolve Carbon GT is good for riders up to 220 pounds and is able to ride 25 degrees uphill.

Evolve Carbon GT Test: remote control

The remote control of the Evolve Carbon GT feels good in your hand and the color LCD display tells you about speed, battery power and distance. You can also configure your Carbon GT trough the remote control (e.g. type of wheels).

In our Evolve Carbon GT test we had unfortunately some connectivity issues with the remote. The German Evolve distributor sent us a new remote control and since than we had no issues anymore. Good service.

Evolve Carbon GT Display
Evolve Carbon GT Display

If you ever lose the remote connection while you ride, please be careful, do not push for full power when this happens or it will pull you from the board once its re-connect. Especially when you are in FAST or GT mode.

You can choose 4 different speed settings on your Evolve Carbon GT remote control. SLOW (up to 3 miles per hour) is just to get familiar when you ride the board the first time or want your kids play with it. ECO (up to 12 miles per hour) promises the longest distance and is a good speed for carving.

Evolve Carbon GT remote control
Evolve Carbon GT remote control

With 30 minutes of training you should be able to use the FAST mode (up to 21 mph), but the GT mode (up to 27 mph) is only for professionals.

However, if you want to go uphill you will need the FAST mode or sometimes even the GT mode.

The possibility to change between street and all-terrain setup is a big plus. There are Street and All-Terrain kits available which come not only with the wheels, but also with a belt. It takes you just 15 minutes to change the setup.

Evolve Carbon GT engine
Evolve Carbon GT engine

There is also an app available for the Evolve boards, but it doesn't connect to the board and is only tracking your trips. This is disappointing. We wished the app would be able to read data directly from the board, such like charging cycles, over all distance, average speed, etc. We are also missing to possibility to configure the board from the app, such like you can do from the remote control. Let's hope there will be an app update soon.


The Evolve Carbon GT does not come cheap, but is convincing with power and design as well as the flexibility to change the wheels depending on where you want to ride. The app and remote control need some improvements though.

E Surfer for price vs. performance

E Surfer for quality & design

E Surfer for flexibility

E Surfer for remote control & app support

E Surfer for speed & acceleration

Manufacturer Link: Evolve Skateboards: www.evolveskateboards.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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