eFoil rental
eSurfboard Rental
After successful training and instruction, you can also rent a Jetboard or eFoil at some of our locations. An E-SURFER Jetboard or eFoil rental is available for example in Sotogrande (Spain), Cannes (France), at Lake Garda (Italy) as well as in Germany (Berlin, Leipzig and Bremen).
Prerequisite for renting a Jetboard or eFoil is a proof of mastering the eSurfboards. This is best learned in our efoil school at the Funkhaus Berlin or at one of our school and rental locations.

In our E-SURFER Youtube channel we have filmed an eFoil training for you. Usually our students learn eFoiling in 30 to 120 minutes.
A very large selection of Jetboards and eFoils offers our location in Sotogrande. At two locations between Marbella and Gibraltar you can find there among others:

- Fliteboard
- Mertek Jetboards (Kids)
- Mo-Jet Jetboard
- Torque E-SUP
- Onewheel
- SuBlue - diving scooter

More info about our team in Sotogrande.
eFoil for rent Spain
rent an eFoil
On German inland waters, Jetboard and eFoil rental is not that easy due to legal regulations. Nevertheless, there are a few offers:

- Sipaboards E-SUP (Funkhaus Berlin)
- Lampuga Jetboard (Berlin Wannsee)
- Audi e-tron foil (Berlin Wannsee & Bremen)
- Lift Foils eFoil (Leipzig)
- Radinn Jetboard (Leipzig)

More info about our team in Berlin
Our eFoil school in Manerba, in the very southwest of Lake Garda, also offers eFoil rental after successful training:

- Audi e-tron foil
- Fliteboard

More info about our team at Lake Garda
Long term rental
Depending on the location, long-term rentals for the weekend or one to two weeks are also possible. Please check with the teams on site for availabilities.
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You want to become an E-SURFER partner yourself and bring the eFoil and Jetboard sport closer to people in your aerea? Apply now!
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