Is a questionable patent slowing down the e-Foil trend?

There is a big hype about electric hydrofoils these days. Multiple commercial and DIY projects are described in our e-Foil section.

A lot of time and money is spent from hundreds of enthusiastic people to form a new sport and potentially a new way of travelling.

In October 2013 Prof. Jack W. Langelaan from Penn State University in Pennsylvania issued several patents around weight-shift controlled personal hydrofoil watercrafts.

e-Foil project Evolo
e-Foil project Evolo from 2009

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Lampuga electric surfboards are back – The new Boost and Air

After the the old Lampuga company went bankrupt earlier this year, the Lampuga electric surfboards are finally back.

The new Lampuga Boost and Lampuga Air will be presented end of January 2018 at the „Boot“ water sports trade show in Düsseldorf.

Please check out our exclusive preview based on information from the new Lampuga company.

Lampuga electric surfboards
Lampuga electric surfboards

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Jetfoiler by Kai Concepts

The Jetfoiler from Kai Concepts is an electric hydrofoil developed in Alameda close to San Francisco.

The Kai concept team is led by Don Montague who has an impressive water-sports background. Don worked close with Robby Naish and Pete Cabrinha where he developed for example their windsurf sails and kites as the head of R&D at Naish International.

Kai Concepts Don Montague - Foto Betsy Peiffer
Kai Concepts Don Montague – Foto Betsy Peiffer

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Waterwolf e-surfboard – CEO & Founder Markus Schilcher

We had already a few opportunities to meet Waterwolf e-surfboard founder Markus Schilcher. He is visiting us a few times a year to show us his latest prototypes.

Reason enough for an interview with him as he is the brain behind one of the first electric surfboards which is available for sale in higher quantities. His product is in the market since 3 years and has now proven to be ready for the market.

Waterwolf founder Markus Schilcher
Waterwolf founder Markus Schilcher

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