Winter storage eSurfboards

How to store eSurfboards in winter

How to store eSurfboards in winter is a question that we get often. Of course we have our own experience with winter storage, but we also asked the manufacturers for…

Jetboard or eFoil

Jetboard or eFoil?

Whether to buy a Jetboard or eFoil depends on personal preferences as well as the area you want to ride your eSurfboard. Fast and zippy or elegant curves is ultimately…

Lampuga Air review

Lampuga Air review 2021

Time for our Lampuga Air review after we got the board end of 2019 and tested it for a few months. The inflatable Jetboard is an allrounder board for families and adrenalin junkies.

Magic Surf Jetboard

Magic Surf Jetboard review

Magic Surf Jetboard review: You might know this board already as the electric surfboard from Germany was sold 2019 under Loawai brand and 2018 under CURF brand. New is that…