Waterwolf e-surfboard – CEO & Founder Markus Schilcher

We had already a few opportunities to meet Waterwolf e-surfboard founder Markus Schilcher. He is visiting us a few times a year to show us his latest prototypes.

Reason enough for an interview with him as he is the brain behind one of the first electric surfboards which is available for sale in higher quantities. His product is in the market since 3 years and has now proven to be ready for the market.

Waterwolf founder Markus Schilcher
Waterwolf founder Markus Schilcher

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DIY electric surfboard kit by MHZ Watercraft

You can now buy a DIY electric surfboard kit from MHZ Watercraft in Germany. You will find their DIY electric surfboard parts for sale online.

MHZ is known since the Eighties for their boat model construction parts, but since a few years they are also supporting well known electric surfboard companies such like Lampuga and others who do not want to be named.

MHZ Watercraft - DIY catalog
MHZ Watercraft – DIY catalog

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