How to eFoil? The best way is in the E-Surfer eFoil school. If this is not possible, this eFoil online course can help you.

The E-Surfer team has been giving eFoil courses since 2018 and has already accompanied hundreds of eFoil students in their first steps and flights. Our team trains on Audi-etron foil, Fliteboard and Lift Foils. During the training we accompany you by radio with bbTalkin systems. For your safety we have an instructor boat ready.

E-SURFER tip: You want to buy an eFoil, but are not sure which one is right for you? We are happy to advise you in the store, by email or on the phone. Our eFoil comparison also helps as a first orientation.

In the following video you will learn everything about: How to eFoil

Video chapter:

00:00 - E-Surfer Shop & School
00:29 - Safety
01:10 - Riding while lying down
04:23 - eFoiling while kneeling
06:21 - Standing up
08:12 - Taking off while standing
08:45 - The correct foot position
09:38 - Falling correctly

How to eFoil video

Here are the key points for our eFoil online course "How to eFoil", all of which are also shown in the video above. Further tips and tricks can be found on the E-Surfer Youtube Channel.

How to eFoil - Safety

Your safety is our number one priority. We provide wetsuits, vests and helmets. The helmets are equipped with radio, so the coach can talk to you at any time. And you with him!

Under the eFoil there is a mast with a big wing. The trainer will explain to you how to avoid bumping into it. Our Fliteboards and Audi e-tron foils have extensive safety mechanisms so you can't accidentally start the engine.

How to eFoil - E-Surfer instructor boat
How to eFoil - E-Surfer instructor boat

And just in case, which we haven't had yet, there is an instructor boat available. The boat also helps us to move to other areas if it is too crowded on the water or there are problems with sea grass.

And one more thing. Don't even try to get off the dock and onto the board. First, get in the water. How do you learn to ride an eFoil? In the water 😉

How to eFoil - lying down

Let's start lying down. It's best to get on the eFoilboard from behind or from the side. Then slide far enough forward without the tip being under water. This is where the antenna for the Bluetooth remote control is located. And it doesn't work through water. In addition, the board becomes very unstable if you are too far forward.

E-Surfer instructor with BBtalkin radio
E-Surfer instructor with BBtalkin radio

We'll start in a low gear so you can hit full throttle right away without accelerating too much. When you pull the trigger, you will notice that the eFoil always wants to go up with the tip when accelerating. You compensate for this by pulling yourself further forward at the same time as you accelerate. The faster you get, the further you have to pull forward. The board should always be parallel to the water surface. Not with the tip pointing upwards, otherwise the wing will slow you down under water.

efoiling by lying down
efoiling by lying down

When braking, you must then slide backwards. Otherwise there will be a "nose dive" and you will land in the water 😉 While lying on the board, you will now practice turning and braking. To steer, simply shift your weight to the side you want to surf.

Now shift up gear by gear to find the right speed. The goal is to be fast enough for the next steps, but not too fast, so you can fully pull the trigger without worry. In fact, except in emergencies or to end the ride, we don't want to let off the gas at any time.

After a few laps, we'll get up on our knees.

Kneeling on the eFoil

After lying down comes kneeling. To do this, pull your knees forward so that you are kneeling on the front half of the board like a dog. And of course, don't let off the gas, but keep the speed constant. Again, the board should be parallel to the water surface. So: enough weight to the front.

How to eFoil - Kneeling
How to eFoil - Kneeling

After a few rounds of kneeling on the surface, we now try the first short flights. To do this, slowly shift your weight backwards. Either by lowering the butt, or (if this is not enough) by raising the upper body.

Slow movements and no jerky weight shifts are important. At first we do only short flights. To land, do not let off the throttle, but bring the weight back to the front. When landing (touch down) you will lose speed every time. So after 2-3 short flights build up speed on the surface. You can do this by pushing the tip down so that the board starts to glide again (planning).

Fly on your knees
Fly on your knees

I think this will be a lot of fun for you. But let's not spend too much time on it, because next we want to get up. Standing while on the surface of the water.

How to eFoil - stand up

Do you ride right front (Goofy) or left front (Regular)? Maybe you already know this from other sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding or skateboarding. If not, there's a little test shown in the video.

To stand up, we need to ride on the surface of the water. To do this, again, keep the weight forward and the speed constant while planning. If you are "right front", you put your right foot in front of your right knee and shift 70% of your weight to the front foot. You must prevent the eFoil from lifting off uncontrollably. It should only take off when you want it to. But that comes later.

standing up on the eFoil
standing up on the eFoil

Now nicely surf with the weight forward and on the surface. Stand as wide as possible, both from right to left and from front to back. The wider you stand, the easier it is at the beginning. The front foot in front of the handstrap right far outside and the back foot behind the other handstrap far outside. The video shows the exact foot position.

If you keep lifting off uncontrollably when standing up, this is a sign that you are too far back on the board. It is best to start planning while lying on the board (correct speed - the board ripples). Now slide forward as far as possible. This has the advantage that you automatically kneel further forward and then also stand further forward.

How to eFoil - weight on the front feet
How to eFoil - weight on the front feet

On the surface we do a few laps again to warm up with the board before we try to take off standing up.

Taking off standing up

Once you can surf safely on the surface, we'll try our first flights standing up. Just like kneeling, we again shift the weight slowly backwards. No hectic movements. The wider you stand, the longer the travel and therefore the more insensitive the eFoil reacts. This makes it easier in the beginning. Later, you can also stand more narrowly.

A wide stand makes it easier
A wide stand makes it easier

As with kneeling, we start with short flights that are not too high. Slowly touch down again, give the board time to accelerate again (weight forward) and then up again. The flights then get longer and longer and higher and higher.

Eventually the end of the mast is reached and the propeller pulls air. You will hear this 😉 But don't panic! Don't get off the throttle, but put weight forward and the eFoil will lower again.

Falling correctly

Once it gets wobbly, please do not stay on the board until the bitter end. Rather fall backwards or to the side in time. If you stay on the board too long, the board will sink and there is a risk that you will fall into the wing. We do not want that. Therefore, let you fall in time.

If it wobbles while flying, you can still try to touch down (weight forward) and stabilize on the surface. In the air it is best to let you fall immediately. You don't have to push off, just let yourself fall in the direction where it is pulling you anyway. Ideally to the side or back. When falling, also take your finger off the gas. Otherwise you'll have to keep swimming to collect the board again 😉

How to eFoil? Now you know. So, now it's your turn 😉

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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