eFoil in waves - Jet vs. folding prop vs. True Glide propeller

Riding the eFoil in waves. How does the jet do compared with folding prop and True Glide Propeller. We tried it out in Portugal.

eFoil the waves of Portugal

Experienced eFoilers ride in the waves without the motor turned on. Whether in the ocean or behind a boat, they use the power of the wave to move the board forward. They leave their finger completely off the throttle and sometimes let themselves be propelled hundreds of meters only by nature. The eFoil in waves is a complete new feeling.

For this, Lift Foils offers the folding propeller that collapses when you take off the throttle. Fliteboard solves this use case with the TrueGlide propeller. A propeller that spins freely, reducing water resistance.

eFoil in waves - hand controller hangs on the wrist
eFoil in waves - hand controller hangs on the wrist

But what about the Audi eFoil from Aerofoils? There is neither a foldable - nor a TruGlide prop and yet it is possible, as you can see in the picture above. I met the Audi team - together with Mike from Jetsurfingnation - at Baleal in Portugal for eFoil in the waves surfing. This is Mike's home territory where he rides his Lift with the folding prop. Also along for the ride was Pedro, who surfs the Fliteboard with TrueGlide in Portugal.

So two absolute experts for waveriding and the eFoil in waves in Portugal. Unfortunately the weather was not really ideal with strong offshore wind and mediocre waves. But the 1 to 1.5 meter waves at least allowed to dare a first comparison. More about this in the following video:

Even if the conditions were not perfect, we are glad to have done the test the eFoil in waves and to be able to prove that the Audi Jetfoil can be ridden in the waves without the motor turned on. It was even possible to pump a few meters😉

E-SURFER tip: You want to buy an eFoil, but are not sure which one is right for you? We are happy to advise you in the store, by email or on the phone. Our eFoil comparison also helps as a first orientation.

Audi Jetfoil

The Audi Jetfoil has a very small diameter drive. Smaller than other Jetfoil solutions such as the Awake VINGA, Jetfoiler or Takuma. It is the first eFoil that could ride the waves without separate accessories like foldable propeller or TrueGlide. This doesn't mean that the other Jetfoils can't do this, but the smaller diameter might offer an advantage.

Audi Jetfoil in den Wellen
Audi Jetfoil in the waves

It was even possible to pump a few meters without engine power as well as to surf sitting down. All riders confirmed that it was easier to get the waves with the Jetfoil, as the speed could be regulated more smoothly.

The Audi team currently has four wings in the program. So far, all of them have a High Aspect design. In 2023, the Audi Team would also like to launch wave wings. These will then kind of resemble the cruiser wings of the other manufacturers.

Jet vs. foldable propeller & TrueGlide

So, how does the Jet vs. Foldable Propeller & TrueGlide perform? The opinions of the two test riders Mike and Thomas were very similar and also seem logical.

Lift Foils has the edge when it comes to efficiency. When the propeller folds up, the folding propeller offers the least water resistance. The TueGlide propeller (when set up well) is slightly ahead of Audi's Jetfoil. Nevertheless, the pictures show that all three solutions allow riding off the waves.

Mike and Thomas in the waves
Mike and Thomas in the waves in Audi e-tron foils

When it comes to difficulty level, the Audi Jetfoil has the edge. In general, the Jetfoil drives are known for their smooth riding style. This makes it easier to approach the waves, since you can regulate the speed continuously. Even if you are already in the wave, you can continue to adjust the speed. Thus, it is easier to catch the perfect part of the wave and you can adjust the weight shift more slowly.

With the foldable propeller, on the other hand, you have to immediately let off the throttle completely so that the propeller collapses. As a result, you also have to adjust your weight shift immediately here. This requires more training.

E Surfer
Pedro, Andreas and Thomas with the Audi Jetfoil in Portugal

Fliteboard is again in the golden mean with the TruGlide solution. The fact that the TrueGlide propeller does not have to be unfolded or folded makes it seem a bit smoother. A good solution for the eFoil in waves.

eFoil in waves - Handling

Lift Foils folding propeller only has two blades. This makes it not quite as efficient as the standard Lift propeller or the TrueGlide propeller from Fliteboard. So ideally, if someone doesn't ride waves every day, they will have to switch between propellers. While Lift has just launched a quick release for this, it still takes more time.

With the Fliteboard, on the other hand, you do have to invest in an additional propeller, but since it also has three blades, there's no need to switch. And with the Audi Jetfoil, you simply use the standard solution.

Audi Jetfoil makes waveriding easy
Audi Jetfoil makes waveriding easy

eFoil in waves - Conclusion

All three solutions are suitable for surfing the eFoil in waves. With a Jetfoil, this has finally been proven. If someone surfs the ocean waves every day, like Mike and Pedro from Portugal, then Lift is probably slightly ahead, at least for this use case. But Pedro for example, still prefers the Flite solution.

However, you have to be a very good rider and invest time to master the foldable propeller. Fliteboard, on the other hand, is the only manufacturer that has the option to mount footstraps. This is only recommended for really very good riders, but makes surfing in the waves even more radical. It's easier with the Audi Jetfoil. For our testers of the eFoil in waves, the simplest solution.

Audi eFoil springt in den Wellen
Audi eFoil jumps

But of course, most people don't just decide based on how they ride the eFoil in waves. There are many other reasons that play a role in the eFoil purchase. These include safety, workmanship and the latest technology. We have already gone into this in multiple videos from the E-Surfer YouTube channel. Useful is also our eFoil buying guide.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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