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Awake Rävik 3
16.649,00 €
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1.199,00 €
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Awake Rävik S
19.029,00 €
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Electric-jet Ski from JETSURF
16.648,00 €
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JETSURF Electric 2
14.869,00 €
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Jetsurf Race DFI SL
13.078,00 €
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16.648,00 €
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14.863,00 €
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Jetsurf Titanium DFI SL
15.458,00 €
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All underwater scooters
Seabob F5 SR
17.779,00 €
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Seabob F5 S
14.859,00 €
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11.139,00 €
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Scubajet Pro Underwater Scooter
2.130,00 €
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Scubajet Dive Controller
480,00 €
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Seabob Quick Charger
1.999,00 €
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Seabob bag
359,00 €
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Seabob Cart
869,00 €
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Seabob Lifting Dock
1.109,00 €
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All E-SKateboards
JETSURF Race electric skateboard
1.649,00 €
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Jetsurf Yacht E-Skateboard
2.130,00 €
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Evolve Bamboo GTR
1.699,00 €
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Onewheel GT Hypercharger
189,00 €
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Evolve Street Conversion Kit
199,00 €
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Onewheel Fender Carbon for GT
149,00 €
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Onewheel Car Holder
69,00 €
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Onewheel GT
2.899,00 €
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Onewheel Pint X
1.849,00 €
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How do I find the right board and setup for me?

The E-Surfer team has been intensively involved with eSurfboards since 2017. Ideally, you make an appointment in our store and test center in Berlin or call our hotline (Europe only). Alternatively, start an inquiry and fill out the form. Here, questions are asked that help us with the recommendation.

Can I test drive the board?

Yes. We offer test drives in our store and test center in Berlin. The fee for this will be deducted in the event of a sale.

What is the price of an eFoil?

High-quality eFoils start at around 10,000 EUR. There are cheaper suppliers, but so far we can only advise against them. eFoils are exposed to completely different forces than conventional surfboards due to their weight. This requires the use of high quality materials. The high performance batteries and electrical components must not only be waterproof, but also salt water resistant. Cheap boards are not only more vulnerable, but the low-cost suppliers can hardly afford good service due to smaller margins. Last but not least, the issue of safety (electricity and water) should not be forgotten. Brand boards have highly complex safety mechanisms such as an on-board computer that continuously measures all technical data.

Should I take only one motor or a whole E-SUP?

It depends on the use. If you want to use the SUP motor also as a diving scooter, then we recommend the Scubajet. If it's just about SUP riding, then we recommend Sipaboards, because the handling is easier and these boards do not have to replace the fins. With this, it can be driven quite normally even without motor drive.

Are Onewheels allowed?

This depends on your country. In Germany the Onewheels fall into the category of electric skateboards and are not approved for public road traffic. On private property, however, they are.

Can I ride the Onewheel in the rain?

We do not recommend this. Although the Onewheel is splash-proof, the manufacturer does not accept any liability for water damage.

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