JETBOARD and EFOIL Resellers
The future is electric. On the water, too! Are you fascinated by gliding silently and emission-free on the water? Do you enjoy water sports and live close to a waterfront? Or you are already in the boat business and want to expand your portfolio? Then you are exactly right here;-)
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Become an eFoil school


Do you feel like eFoiling? Do you enjoy teaching right on the water? Become an e-SURFER eFoil school and turn your dream into a career or a lucrative side job that's really fun.

Have a cool place like a lake, river or the ocean nearby where you can teach? We'll help you set up your eFoil school from start to finish. In addition, you will be assigned students through the E-SURFER network and we will do most of the advertising for you.

As an E-SURFER partner, you get the equipment at a discounted price. All revenues of the eFoil trainings stay with you and if you initiate a sale, there is a commission on top.

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Become a rental station

You live in a place with a lot of tourists and want to set up a rental of jetboards and eFoils? Also here the E-SURFER network can help you. Profit from our know-how and favorable conditions.

As with the eFoil schools, you get discounted equipment from us and all income from the rental remains with you. And of course we do a lot of advertising for you and provide you with leads!

If one of your customers then wants to buy a board, you simply refer him to us and collect a commission.

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Shop in Shop dealer

If you already have a water sports or boat store, you can easily add eFoils or the Jetboards to your portfolio. The eFoil is a real eye-catcher for any business and attracts a lot of attention on social media and in real life. The same goes for the Jetboards.

It is our daily bread since 2017 to test all eFoils and Jetboards and choose the best models for our store. Benefit from our know-how and large purchase quantities.

With us there are no minimum purchases and you save the expensive stock keeping.

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Brand ambassador

You already have an eFoil or Jetboard? You are regularly asked what it is, how much it costs and where you can get it? Turn necessity into a virtue and become an E-SURFER brand ambassador and earn money with your referrals.

We're looking for sporty eFoilers and jetboarders who can put themselves out there and produce great photos and videos for social media. Your board and vehicle will get E-SURFER branding with a QR code attached to your E-SURFER partner account.

It's that easy to earn money with your hobby. And you get discounted equipment on top of it!

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Partner examples


Here are a few examples of what our existing partnerships look like:


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