JETBOARD and EFOIL Resellers
Become an eFoil reseller and/or Jetboard test center. You like water sports? You share our passion for the eFoil and Jetboards? Become a Jetboard and eFoil partner and have a lot fun while earning money.

Note: We can offer these partner programs only if your are based in Europe. We are offering two partner programs:
eFoil Affiliate Partnerprogramm
Jetboard Affiliate Partnerprogramm
How to become a partner

If you have already a water sports shop you may want to add the eSurfboards to your portfolio. The eFoil is an eye-catcher for each store and gets a lot of attention through social media and in real live. The same is true for electric Jet-Boards. Join our family as an eSurfboard partner.

You don’t have a store but a cool location like a lake, river or the sea close to you where you want to establish a Jetboard and eFoil rental? Or you enjoy teaching people how to eFoil or Jetboarding and want to earn some money with the lessons and the sales you generate? In this case the partner program might be also the right opportunity for you.

If you are interested in one of the programs, please read though our website and learn more about the eSurfboards in terms of price, frequently asked questions and see the tutorial videos. There are plenty of articles about the eFoils and Jetboards on our website as well as user feedback in our forum.

Jetboard & eFoil reseller program

The affiliate program is designed for people who like to spend their time on the water and teach people or who want to open an electric hydrofoil / Jetboard rental location. You are open to decide how much you want to charge for the training or rental.

As an affiliate you will be mentioned on our demo location page and you get the support from our sales network to promote your business. In order to become an affiliate you will sign an agreement with us to use the logos and marketing materials and you have to buy the affiliate starter kit for a discounted price. The starter kit contains at least one full eFoil and/or Jetboard.

We will support you in order to find the right setup for your eSurfboards. You will get a complete training about setup, maintenance and riding the boards in either our location in Berlin or at your place. If one of your try before you buy or rental customers wants to purchase a board through us you will earn a commission.

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