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Our eFoil school eWave ASD on Lake Garda is located in the bay of Manerba in the very southwest of Lake Garda. Training takes place on the premium eFoils from Audi and Fliteboard.
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Thinking about buying an eFoil and not sure which one to get? No problem. Our local partner and trainer Michael will be happy to explain the differences between the various board sizes, wings and drives (jet or propeller).

If you decide to buy one, we will deliver your desired board either to the E-Surfer Shop Gardasee or directly to your home (Europe-wide).


Test rides & courses

On a beach directly in the bay of Manerba we conduct our eFoil trainings. We train exclusively with premium eFoils of the brands Audi and Fliteboard.

Our specially trained instructors go with you on the water after the briefing and are in contact with you at all times via a radio intercom system. Safety is our first priority. All students are equipped with wetsuit, helmet and vest.


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eWave ASD in Porto Torchio
Park Lido di Manerba,
25080 Manerba del Garda (BS)

Email: michael@e-surfer.com
Phone/WhatsApp: +49 175 722 55 06 or +39 351 780 3119
Website: www.ewave.fun
Online booking: www.ewave.fun/online-bookings

We look forward to your visit to the eFoil school eWave and shop Lake Garda.

eFoil Shop Italien Italy
Fliteboard Schule Gardasee school lake garda

Shop Lake Garda

The eFoil Shop Lake Garda obtains the products from the E-Surfer central warehouse in Berlin. From there we usually deliver within 24 to 48 hours throughout Europe. Our local partner and trainer Michael advises on site. He is available both before and after the purchase for questions, spare parts and service.

Thanks to him, the boards can be tried out directly at Lake Garda.



Gift vouchers for 2024!

2-hour all-inclusive beginner's course  for only 249,00 €.

Phone/WhatsApp: +49 175 722 55 06 or +39 351 780 3119

E-mail: michael@e-surfer.com

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