We have the pleasure to have 2 Evolve Skateboards in-house since a few months. Every day the questions remains - shall we ride the Bamboo or Carbon?

With the release of the Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX it is not a question of battery power anymore.

Bamboo or Carbon
Bamboo or Carbon

Most of the Evolve Skateboards come as Bamboo versions:

  • Bamboo One Street = 1,099 USD
  • Bamboo GT Street = 1,449 USD
  • Bamboo GT All Terrain = 1,489 USD
  • Bamboo GTX Street = 1,779 USD
  • Bamboo GTX All Terrain = 1,779 USD
  • Carbon GT Street = 1,959 USD
  • Carbon GT All Terrain = 1,999 USD*pricing can vary.
    Evolve Bamboo GT
    Evolve Bamboo GT

    Evolve Skateboards - Which version?

    You have to make basically 3 decisions (or 2 if you go with a 2 in 1 version, which has a street wheels kit and all-terrain wheels kit to change).

    1. The wheels:

    In our electric skateboard wheels article we explained it in more detail, but basically it depends on where you want to ride.

    If you only ride in plain asphalt you should go for the street wheels to enjoy the ultimative carving.

    If your streets are dirty, filled with potholes or you want to also ride gravel roads you should better go for the All Terrain version

    2. Power:

    Is a 2,000 Watt single motor (Bamboo One) good enough for you or do you want the full 3,000 watt dual motor (GT and GTX models)?

    Are a 20 mile range acceptable or do you want long rides up to 31 miles (Carbon GT and GTX models)?

    3. And last but not least …

    Bamboo or Carbon?

    The question if Bamboo or Carbon again depends on your personal preferences.

    Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT All-Terrain
    Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT All-Terrain

    The Bamboo boards have a better grip for 2 reasons:

    1. The full Bamboo board is covered with grip tape, while the Carbon GT has no grip tape outside the center plate.

    You can however fix this, which you can read in our More Grip for Carbon GT article.

    2. You have more grip on the bamboo also because of the shape of the board. While the Carbon GT has a very low concave, the Bamboo decks have a high concave.

    We feel that the high concave gives you much more control about the board.

    elektro skateboard
    elektro skateboard

    Next to the concave the other big difference between Bamboo and Carbon is the flex of the board. Evolve Skateboards with Bamboo deck have a high flex which gives you a nice smooth carving feeling.

    The Carbon deck is stiff, which gives you more control at high speeds and avoids vibrations when you have ground waves.

    Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GT
    Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GT

    So our recommendation is:

    1. If you are a street carver go for a Bamboo with street wheels

    2. If you want to go for high speeds go for the Carbon GT with street wheels

    3. If you want to have a stable ride on different grounds go for the Carbon GT All Terrain

    More info at http://www.evolveskateboards.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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