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Jetboard & eFoil Shop Golfe-Juan, Cannes
Our E-SURFER Shop Côte d'Azur is located in Golfe-Juan between Cannes and Antibes. Our friend and industry expert Andreas and his team from Infinite Yachts will welcome you there. Here, many Watertoys are not only on display, but can also be test-driven immediately on the beach!
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LAMPUGA Air Jetboard


When it comes to comprehensive jetboard and eFoil advice in the South of France, our partner Andreas will be happy to help you. Through years of experience he can find the right eFoil or Jetboard for you. He also has diving scooters in his program.

At the E-SURFER location Andreas has the following selection of eFoils, Jetboards and Watertoys:

  • Audi e-tron Foil
  • Lampuga Air Jetboard
  • Amazea Diving Scooter
  • Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike 

A visit is worthwhile in any case ;-)

Test rides & courses

At various beaches near our Jetboard & eFoil Shop Cannes you can test the eFoils, jetboards and diving scooters. Some boards can even be rented here - transport to the yacht in the tender boat included :-)

Professional trainers make it easy to get started with eFoils and Jetboarding! And all this under the beautiful sun of the Côte d'Azur...... 


E-Surfer eFoil Shop Cannes
E-SURFER Frankreich Team Cannes

@ Infinite Yachts
79 Av. des Frères Roustan
06220 Vallauris

Email: contact@e-surfer.com
Phone: +33 770 20 6935

We are looking forward to your visit at Jetboard & eFoil Shop Cannes.

eFoil Cannes
Test rides
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eFoil Cannes:

With the eFoil you glide silently over the water surface. A great experience for the whole family. Learn eFoiling on the Côte d'Azur with the E-SURFER team at Infinite Yachts!

eFoils, also called electric foilboards, have been conquering social media for months. Celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Laird Hamilton or Kai Lenny are regularly seen in the press with their eFoils. It is fascinating to see how these e-foilboards glide silently over the water. Wayne and Andreas were one of the first Europeans trying these electric hydrofoils.

With a power of 5 kW, the eFoil manages to float even riders weighing up to 120 kg. The maximum range of the 2.1 kWh battery is two hours. The battery can be charged within two hours at any standard 220 volt power outlet. 

A mast is attached under the foilboard, which has an underwater wing mounted at the lower end. This wing allows it to hover up to 80 cm above the water. The eFoil is powered by an electric motor with propeller or jet, which is also mounted at the bottom of the mast.

More info about the eFoils, you can find on our eFoil Shop page. The different wings and accessories are also explained there.



If you prefer contact with the water, you should try one of our jetboards. For example, there is the Awake Rävik and the Lampuga Air

The two powerful lithium-ion batteries offer plenty of power and allow a ride time of up to 40 minutes. Speeds of over 50 km/h can be achieved.

Despite the enormous power, this surfboard with motor is suitable for beginners as well as advanced riders. Feel free to try it out and make an appointment with our team in Sotogrande, Spain.


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