First solar powered E-Sup

In collaboration between Indiana SUP, e-Propulsion and the ZHAW School of Engineering the first solar powered E-Sup was shown at boot 2018.

While the ZHAW School was the lead developer, the board was provided by Indiana SUP and e-Propulsion provided the battery and the motor with propeller from their Lagoon product line.

solar powered E-Sup
solar powered E-Sup

Given that most people like Stand Up Paddling while the sun is shining the concept of a solar powered E-Sup is pretty smart. So far it is only a prototype, but the concept has potential.

The board from Indiana SUP has a length of 14’0’ or 426.7 cm and is 31” or 78.75 cm wide. It is 6” or 15 cm thick and has a volume of 365 litre.

solar module for the E-SUP
solar module for the E-SUP

The solar modules used are from Sunware (model SW-22145) with a surface of 0.75 square centimetres. The peak power of the modules are 100 Wp.

With a battery capacity of 333 Wh the battery life at full speed (which is 5 mph or 8 km/h) is 1.1 hour. At 3 mph or 5 km/h the battery shall be good for up 9 hours. The battery and motor were provided by ePropulsion.

conversion kit from ePropulsion
conversion kit from ePropulsion

The ZHAW school from Zurich Switzerland was doing some calculations which months in Copenhagen and Palma de Mallorca would have enough sun hours to fully load the solar powered E-SUP.

In Kopenhagen 4 months a year (May to August) would be enough sun to do so. In Palma de Mallorca it was even 7 months from March to September.

Just let your E-SUP in the sun and it will be charged automatically. This is pretty cool.

We will follow the project and keep you updated.

More information about ePropulsion at: epropulsion.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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