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CabraTec EasyGoat review - cheap electric hydrofoil alternative

If you are looking for a cheap electric hydrofoil you should have a look at our CabraTec EasyGoat review.

“Cheap” is here not meant in a negative way, but more in the way of “inexpensive”.

CabraTec EasyGoat review
CabraTec EasyGoat review

With 4,400 EUR plus tax and shipping the CabraTec electric hydrofoil is less than half of the price compared to Liftfoils eFoil (12.000 USD / 10.407 EUR) or the Fliteboard (14,850 AUD / 9.169 EUR).

But do not expect the same. Liftfoils and Fliteboard have spent a lot of time and effort into the details. Advanced remote control, coloured connectors, custom bags, etc.

If you want the “don’t worry at all” experience and the best quality you should stay with the premium E-Foil boards.

Cheap electric hydrofoil alternative
Cheap electric hydrofoil alternative

However, not everybody has such a budget. If you are okay with less comfort and have some technical skills the Cabratec might be a good alternative for you.

The CabraTec comes with following components:

  • An inflatable board
  • An inner waterproof hard board and complete electronics
  • A LiPo battery pack
  • A complete foil- mast, fuselage, wings, motor and alu-propeller
  • A waterproof remote control
  • A standard bag with wheels
  • A detailed english video manual
  • 1 year warranty
CabraTec EasyGoat
CabraTec EasyGoat

The first thing you are missing here is the charger.

Yes, the package does not come with a charger. CarbaTec suggests you can use any reasonable powerful charger for LiPos.

Well, if you are now worried than it might be a sign that the EasyGoat is not the right choice for you.

If you however have the technical skills (may be you built already a DIY electric skateboard) than you should have no problem with that.

CabraTec meets E-Surfer
CabraTec meets E-Surfer

DIY (Do It Yourself) is actually not so far from the reality. At least not for the prototype we have seen for our CabraTec EasyGoat review in July 2018.

The setup felt a little bit like an advanced DIY electric hydrofoil kit. Just that it is already pre-assembled your you.

A few components like the connectors and the LiPo battery pack look a bit like self-made.

Other than the premium electric hydrofoils which are using custom waterproof battery packs and custom connectors, the cheap electric hydrofoil alternative EasyGoat is using standard components which you can replace and potentially repair yourself.

This might be not such a bad idea given that at least for Europeans both Liftfoils (Puerto Rico) and Fliteboard (Australia) come from overseas.

Low budget electric hydrofoil
Low budget electric hydrofoil

Some of this may sound negative for some of you, but the EasyGot has a different target group.

As Mira the CEO and founder of CabraTec mentioned to us: “If Liftfoils and Fliteboard would offer an E-Foil under 5.000 EUR, than there would be no need for the EasyGoat.

We also believe there could be a market for such a cheap electric hydrofoil alternative.

CabraTec inflatable hydrofoil
CabraTec inflatable hydrofoil

Some specs:

  • The battery is claiming 50 minutes run time for an 80 kg rider.
  • The inflatable boards make them very easy to transport
  • The board is available in 2 sizes depending on your weight
  • total weight including battery is just 16 kg
  • board size 180 x 70x 11cm, 120 L for rider up to 90 kg
  • board size 210 x 75 x 12cm, 170 L for riders 95 to 100 kg
CabraTec EasyGoat review
CabraTec EasyGoat review

Some more thoughts:

The remote control has no "virtual gears" as for example the Fliteboard has. This makes it more difficult for beginners.

In fact in our 20 minutes CabraTec EasyGoat review test ride we were only able to stand on the board a few times. This was the same for other testers from the Allstar Tour team.

Mike from Jetsurfingnation posted a nice video of their test ride. Have a look:

[huge_it_video_player id="25"]

At the time we made the test rides only the smaller board was available. The larger boards should make it easier.

And seeing how smooth Mira is riding his board it should be only a matter of time once everybody can ride this cheap electric hydrofoil alternative.

EasyGoat is 2018 still shipping to beta users only as the board is still improved. This is no exception to other hydrofoil companies like Flite or Liftfoils which did the same.

More information about this cheap electric hydrofoil alternative at cabratec.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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