Electric jetboard event Spain by Jetboard Limited

Since Monday the first electric jetboard event is hosted in Spain and you have still 2 days until Sunday to join.

We enjoyed 3 days from Monday to Wednesday to test Fliteboard, Carver, Torque, Supjet, Mertek and others.

electric jetboard event by Jetboard Limited
electric jetboard event by Jetboard Limited

One of the highlights was the electric hydrofoil Fliteboard from Australia.

The CEO David Trevor brought 4 Fliteboards with him.

The Fliteboard Air which has an inflatable body. The Fliteboard in black and white and the Fliteboard Pro.

Each of us started with the Fliteboard Air as it has most volume and it is easy to stand up. Once we got some air time we switched to Fliteboard.

Fliteboard Air in action
Fliteboard Air in action

The Fliteboard is a little bit less stable to stand up, but it is actually easier to ride because the hard body is smoother when you go back and forth between flying and surfing on the surface.

We will publish a detailed review soon.

Onean CEO Inigo Sobradillo with his team member Inigo (yes, we had 2 of them) brought 2 Carver X, 2 Carver and 1 Manta with him to the electric jetboard event.

The Manta is the perfect family fun. It is almost like a swimming platform and can easily host 1 adult and 2 kids.

When I tested the Manta I was surprised about the speed and that you can actually steer the board without the paddle. This was different to the other E-SUPs I have test so far.

Onean Manta
Onean Manta

We were impressed about the speed and fun you can have with the Carver if you are below 80 kg. We saw dozens of people renting the Carver and each of them had a lot of fun.

Inigo from Onean showed us even how to make jumps and this with one of the most inexpensive electric surfboards in the market.

Onean Carver jump
Onean Carver jump

For people who are above 80 kg (as I am) the Carver X is the right choice. It has plenty of power so that even people over 100kg can have fun. The lake at the electric jetboard festival was pretty small, so it was almost to fast for us.

With the 3 boards Manta, Carver and Carver X Onean has an interesting portfolio. A board for the kids. A board for the wife (or lighter people) and a board for the big (heavy) man who pays the bill 😉

A lot of power: Onean X
A lot of power: Onean X

We are looking forward to get our own Carver X. It is a lot of fun.

Torque CE Dean Jarrett brought his Mongrel and Xtream boards all the way from Australia to Spain to let us test his boards.

He also setup the equipment for the Torque electric jetboard race which is tracked by GPS. Unfortunately we missed the race as we had to fly back on Thursday.

But our Allstar Jetboard Tour colleagues will report us soon and we will keep you updated.

Torque surfboard
Torque surfboard

The Torque boards have a very nice colourful design and come with a lot of accessories like surf shoes, helmet, vest, electric screwdriver, etc.

You will find more pictures and comments about the electric jetboard event in our forum at:

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