Electric surfboard buying guide

With our electric surfboard buying guide we want to help you to find the right electric surfboard, E-Foil or E-SUP which fits you needs.

We created a questionnaire that will help our experts to find the right motorised surfboard for you.

electric surfboard buying guide
electric surfboard buying guide

As a first step you may want to check out our comparisons:

in order to get an initial feeling about the different choices and price points.

As you can see we divide in 4 categories for our electric surfboard buying guide.


An electric SUP is a standup paddle surfboard with motor. You can get complete electric SUP surfboards or extension kits which replace your fin of an existing SUP board.


E-SUPs are not very fast. They are targeted for families or people who want to enjoy the nature at a low speed.

Electric Surfboards

Electric surfboards do mainly use a jet engine, but there are exceptions like the Waterwolf which is using a propeller.

The key question for finding the right board here is your weight. More weight needs more power which means more expensive.

Electric Hydrofoils

Electric hydrofoils are getting very popular recently. Once they are flying they need much less power and are therefore easier / cheaper to build.

Electric Hydrofoil
Electric Hydrofoil

E-Foils are usually more difficult to ride compared to a jetboard.

Petrol powered Jetboards

Petrol powered jetboards are out since many years and as such companies like Jetsurf have a lot of experience with mass production.

They are noisier and you have to deal with petrol, but they are also reliable, still cheaper at high performance and you can bring them on an airplane.

petrol powered surfboard
petrol powered surfboard

Your personal electric surfboard buying guide

Now we need a few informations from you, if you want to have a personal recommendation for you.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and we will email you some recommendations.

electric surfboard buying guide

You can also ask additional questions in our electric surfboard forum.