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eSurf S1 Review - A cheap electric surfboard alternative?

If your are looking for a cheap electric surfboard check out our eSurf S1 Review video. A board from ePropulsion Innovation (HK) Ltd.

The eSurf S1 has an optional hydrofoil and is selling for under 3,000 USD.

A cheap electric surfboard alternative?
A cheap electric surfboard alternative?


Watch the eSurf S1 video review as part of the Allstar Jetsurf tour by Jet Board Limited​, Jetsurfingnation​ and E-Surfer​. Danny Tao, Clarbi Lu and Peter Pan from eSurf visited our team for a full review and test ride.

eSurf S1 review video:

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ePropulsion is known for their electric SUP Lagoon and has now created the sub-brand eSurf for electric surfboards.

The board with its bright orange and blue colours is is inflatable and foldable which makes it easy to transport. A detachable Hydrofoil is supposed to let the Rider fly over the water, this may help riders above 75 kg to gain more speed.

How can they create such a cheap electric surfboard? It comes directly from China and the power of the board is limited.

The website claims up to 26 km/h or 16 mph. When E-Surfer asked ePropulsion how the electric surfboard performs with drivers above 75 kg we got following answer: A rider with 60 kg can reach about 25 km/h and a person with 80 kg can reach 22 km/h with the hydrofoil. No tests where done with yet with surfers of 90 kg or above.

ePropulsion promised us to send a board for a full review and testing.

eSurf S1 mit Hydrofoil
eSurf S1 mit Hydrofoil

The product will be released end of November and the mission was to design a cheap electric surfboard for under 3,000 USD compared to many other boards above 10,000 USD.

While may be not the right board for heavy riders it could be a good family leisure board and a start into the electric surfing sport. Especially since it is foldable and can be put into the back of your car.

The eSurf has the dimensions of 2300 x 760 x 100 mm / 90 x 30 x 3.9 inch and a weight of 26.7 kg / 59 lbs with battery or 17.5 kg / 38.5 Ibs without battery.

eSurf S1 electric surfboard
eSurf S1 electric surfboard

The swappable lithium ion battery with a weight of 9.2 kg or 20 lbs is supposed to be good for 20 minutes at maximum speed. It charges within 2 hours and has the dimensions of 470 x 350 x 84 mm / 18.5 x 13.8 x 4.3 inch and is designed for 300 charging cycles. The capacity is 2,000 mAh with a maximum voltage of 54.6 V and 65 Ampere.

The brushless motor for the built in jet engine offers 2.8 KW at 48.1 V and 58.2 Ampere and a maximum of 4,640 rpm (rotations per minute). The impeller has a diameter of 80 mm or 3.15 inch.

Electric surfboard from ePropulsion
Electric surfboard from ePropulsion

The eSurf S1 is designed for riders between 40-90 kg / 90-200 lbs and has a wireless remote which is paired to the jet system and controls the speed. It can be hold in the hand or attached to the wrist and supports an emergency break. It also comes with an ankle security leash with has a kill switch to stop the board in case the rider is falling into the water.

The eSurf S1 comes with a one year limited hardware warranty. More details about their warranty at their website under support, where you can also download a 30 pages user manual, which gives more information about the Hydrofoil, remote control and the setup.

You can easily compare the eSurf with other boards at our electric surfboard comparison. We hope you enjoyed this eSurf S1 review.

Learn more about this cheap electric surfboard at

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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