Gromjet electric surfboard for kids and more news from Torque Jetboards

The Gromjet electric surfboard for kids from Torque Jetboards was not the only new product which was presented by CEO Dean Jarret at boot 2020. They were exhibiting updated versions of the Xtream and Mongrel as well as a prototype for a petrol powered board next to their electric SUP boards.

Gromjet electric surfboard for kids

As far as we know the Torque Gromjet is the first electric surfboard for kids. Gromjet is coming from “grommet” which is the slang for “young surfers under 16 years". Torque Jetboards is leveraging their experience with the Xtream and Mongrel as well as the iSUP E-SUP to develop a unique offering for very young riders. The board has a length of 230 cm, is 76 cm wide and 15 cm thick which results into a volume of 256 litres to make it a safe platform. Enough to handle a weight of 110 kg. At the same time the inflatable board out of marine PVC weighs only 7 kg without the battery. The battery has a weight of 14.6 kg.

Torque Gromjet electric surfboard for kids
Torque Gromjet electric surfboard for kids - Torque smart watch connected to the handle

The Gromjet electric surfboard for kids can be controlled by the Torque smartphone app or their smart watch connected to the handle. The handle is connected to the top of the board to make the Jetboard easier to ride. The board has 3 speed settings with 4 km/h, 9 km/h and up to 20 km/h. Older 60 kg riders can make up to 15 km/h. The riding time is between 60 and 120 minutes. At the lowest speed setting the range is up to 3 hours. The inflatable board and all components fit into a backpack which easily fits into the back of a car. It comes with an electric pump to inflate the board and this pump can be connected to the surfboard battery.

The colourful board comes in different color designs: blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, black and purple. The Gromjet electric surfboard for kids is currently selling at a launch price of 1,699 USD plus VAT and shipping. The later retail price will be 2,300 USD. More info at

Mongrel & Xtream, fire-proof case, iSUP and a petrol powered board

The Xtream and Mongrel will finally ship in a few weeks. The batteries were re-worked and have a new battery hatch as well as fully water-proof cable connectors in order to allow water-cooling. Dean Jarrett also added a safety magnet. Watch the video below for a full demonstration:

In the video Dean is also demonstrating their fire-proof stainless steel case with 3 layers of fireproof cooling fabric which allows to charge the batteries in the case. It is available for 150 USD (with a board) or 299 USD stand-alone. The iSUP Electric SUP models were also on display including the version for fishing. Again demoed in the video above. And last not but least there was a black petrol powered jetboard at the show, but this will be only launched later this year. Their European distributor Yoann Garcia was also at the booth. He will serve the European customers from Southern France.

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