HyperFly 2024 - The eFoil scooter from Aerofoils

With the HyperFly, Aerofoils offers a lighter alternative to eFoiling. An Audi eFoil scooter with handlebars which includes an Anti Breaching System.

The new eFoil scooters, such as the HyperFly from Aerofoils, are unlikely to tempt experienced eFoilers to switch. But that is not the intention of the manufacturers. The HyperFly is aimed at people who are not yet entirely comfortable with eFoil.

An eFoil scooter is an easier alternative to flying over the water. The aim is to make foiling on the water accessible to a wider audience.

HyperFly Hydrofoil Wasserscooter
HyperFly hydrofoil water scooter

Technical data

With a volume of 230 liters, the eFoil Scooter from Aerofoils offers plenty of buoyancy so that you can take someone else with you. The inflatable SUP cover is not only robust, but also protects against scratches (for example on board a yacht).

Unlike other eFoil scooters, the detachable handlebar looks very robust and has the remote control firmly integrated. This allows not only the throttle to be installed on the right-hand side, but also the gear shift on the left. On the HyperFly, the throttle is also controlled with two fingers (index and middle finger), which should provide more feeling for acceleration. Other solutions rely on the thumb.

Thanks to the separate gear shift, you don't have to take your hand off the handlebars to change gears. A water bottle and a small drybag round off the handlebars. As the handlebars are removable, the HyperFly can also be used as a normal eFoil.

The HyperFly uses the standard batteries and wings from Aerofoils, but comes with a new 60 cm mast that features a first: the ABS (Anti Breaching System). The shorter mast offers a more stable ride, especially for beginners.

Anti Breaching System

The Anti Breaching System (ABS) is a new feature that we have not yet seen from any other eFoil manufacturer. It is designed to prevent beginners in particular from shooting up too quickly and falling.

eFoil Anti Breaching System
eFoil Anti Breaching System

There is an air inlet on the side of the mast that is connected to the jet. If the air inlet is in the water (i.e. the eFoiler is still in the green zone), the eFoil Scooter will run normally. If it rises too high, air is fed into the jet drive through a vacuum, which reduces performance. This causes the HyperFly to descend slightly. A really smart solution.

However, the ABS can be deactivated if desired.

Price & availability

The HyperFly from Aerofoils was presented on January 20th at 12.00 CET (Central European Time) at the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf. During the premiere, we filmed a demo video for the E-Surfer YouTube channel:

Video: HyperFly eFoil scooter premiere and product demo

Unfortunately, no exact prices for the HyperFly have yet been announced. We expect the price to be around EUR 15,000 to 16,000. The delivery date also remains a little vague at "summer 2024".

HyperFly application examples

When can an eFoil scooter like the HyperFly be useful?

  • Tours: If you want to explore remote bays or the surrounding area in general, this is a large board with plenty of storage space. A large drybag or a spare battery can be attached to a net. There is also a water bottle and a small drybag for your cell phone and other items.
  • Tender: Who wouldn't want to float dry-footed from their yacht in the bay to the restaurant in the marina? With the eFoil, there would be a risk of getting wet, especially depending on the model. The HyperFly offers enough buoyancy to stay dry. The handlebar also helps with mooring and unmooring at the jetty.
  • Partner: Alone on the water with the eFoil because your partner says "That's not for me"? That could change with the HyperFly, because an eFoil scooter is much easier to ride. Relaxed eFoiling on the water can now be enjoyed together with your partner. The HyperFly also makes it easier to take a child on the board (although we don't recommend it), as the board has more buoyancy for two people and the passenger can hold on to the handlebars.
  • Schools: For the same reason, the HyperFly eFoil scooter is also suitable for eFoil schools. The student has a much quicker sense of achievement. And they may even switch to a "real" eFoil in the first few lessons. And if not, they will still have a lot of fun hovering over the water.
  • Rental: Renting an eFoil is more difficult than renting a jet surfboard. This is because renting an eFoil requires successful training before the eFoil can be handed out. The HyperFly is not only easier to learn, but also offers more safety thanks to its greater volume. You can also avoid coming into contact with the wings by holding on to the handlebars.
  • Water toys for boat charters: Nowadays, large charter yachts can no longer do without water toys. The Seabob in particular is very popular here because it is so easy to ride. With the HyperFly, there is now another lightweight alternative to eFoils and aggressive jetboards. And of course, as mentioned above, charter guests can also use the HyperFly as a tender.

How does the HyperFly ride?

I have already been able to test other eFoil scooters such as the Flitescooter and the Hydroflyer with friends. I noticed that an experienced eFoiler sometimes has more problems with the eFoil scooter than someone who is completely new to the sport.

With the eFoil, you stand offset to the side and only have two points of contact with the board (two feet). With the HyperFly, on the other hand, you stand with your feet parallel and the tips of your feet pointing forwards. In addition, you now have four points of contact (two feet and two hands).

We recorded this video of an eFoil scooter for the E-Surfer YouTube channel:

Unser erster eFoil Scooter Test

While you stand freely on the eFoil and balance both height and direction with your body, you hold on to the handlebars on the HyperFly. The handlebar is not really there for steering. It does not steer a rudder or anything similar, but is only used to hold on to. You change direction in a similar way to the eFoil: by shifting your weight to the left and right.

The height is also controlled by shifting your weight, but in a slightly different way to the eFoil. The best way to imagine this is to do push-ups while standing. The handlebars would be the floor. If I go down, I sink down. If I push myself away from the handlebars, I rise.

Is the HyperFly fun?

I would say yes. At first I smiled a little at the eFoil scooters. Then - after a while - I found them "interesting". After hundreds of hours on eFoils, I personally wouldn't want to swap my eFoil for a scooter, but it's still kind of fun. It's just different.

Jumping on for a quick spin without getting wet can be quite amusing. It's also fun to bring a whole new target group onto the water, who are then totally fascinated by floating above the water.

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