LOAWAI e-JETBOARD formerly known as CURF

Did you hear about the LOAWAI e-JETBOARD? You may know it already as it was formerly called the CURF jetboard until the company decided to rename themselves due to trademark issues. We saw the first new logos a few weeks ago, but on April 29th 2019 an official letter went out to partners that the CURF Technology GmbH was renamed into Watercraft Germany GmbH. The renaming is explained as a next step for the company to go beyond e-Jetboards. It will be interesting to see with which new products they will come up with. May be an electric Jetski?

The new company and product name comes with a new Managing Director Mr. Fehim von Borstel based at the company headquarter in Norderstedt, Germany. The products however will stay the same for the time being with the LOAWAI e-JETBOARD  and the LOAWAI e-JETBOARD WAKE.

The new LOAWAI e-JETBOARD logo
The new LOAWAI e-JETBOARD logo

LOAWAI e-JETBOARD standard model

The standard model is offering following specifications:

  • A maximum speed of 53 km/h
  • Acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in 4,4 seconds depending on the conditions and weight of the rider
  • A thrust of 90 kg
  • A 14 kW engine
  • Dimensions of 192 x 73 x 26 cm
  • A weight of 30 kg without battery
  • Plug & Play Lithium Ion batteries with 1,600 Wh
  • A battery weight of 18 kg
  • 40 minutes run time also depending on conditions, riding style and weight of the rider

Since the Loawai jetboard is using 2 batteries the total weight is 66 kg, but according to the Loawai team this doesn't matter once the board is in the water. This was the fastest board in 2018, but not fast enough for the team and this is why they launched a second model called "WAKE" which has even more power. Looks like they want to keep their position as the fastest jetboard.

Loawai electric jetboard
Loawai electric jetboard


The dimensions of the WAKE e-jetboard are identical with the standard model, but it has even more power:

  • A maximum speed of 60 kmH
  • Acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in 3,3 seconds depending on the conditions and weight of the rider
  • A thrust of 135 kg
  • A 19 kW engine

All other specs are pretty much the same and the boards also looks the same. With a 19 kW engine you need a sports boat license in some countries and this is why they continue the standard model. Both jetboards are using the 2018 introduced PE (Polyethylene) body which has proved to be very robust. They are now offered in 6 different colours. Most customer take the white option according to the team. The package comes with a case, standard charger (6h), 2 fins, 2 emergency stops, a syringe for cleaning, star key and user manual. For more details refer to our CURF article from January.

This amount of power has its price. The standard model is selling for 15,450 EUR excluding VAT and shipping which the Wake model is even at 20,750 EUR plus VAT and shipping. In Germany this translates into a price of about 24,700 EUR incl. VAT.

At boot 2019 we did a video interview with team and all components are explained in detail. Please watch the video here:

The Loawai electric surfboards have enough power to tow for example a wakeboarder and you can even ride with 2 adults on the board. You can compare the boards with other jetboards in our electric surfboard comparison or discuss questions in our forum.

More information at the new company website:

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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