NautiBUOY C-Dock review - A garage for your eFoil & jetboard

For our C-Dock review we had the chance to test the NautiBUOY inflatable pier solutions which were originally designed for the Seabob, but work very well for eFoils and jetboards as well.

C-Dock Sport with special straps for the eFoil
C-Dock Sport with special straps for the eFoil

The C-Dock now got extended with longer straps in order to host your eFoil and electric surfboards. Why would you need such a dock? Well if you spend more than 10,000 EUR on your E-Surfer you want to protect it.

NautiBUOY is specialised on marine equipment for luxury yachts. As such we noticed the very good quality of the C-Dock. The high quality materials and stainless steel D-Rings felt superior. The patent pending NautiBUOY system has a ballast system (a bag underneath which fills with water) in order to give extra stability and to avoid that it is flipping over.

C-Dock for Loawai Jetboards
C-Dock for Loawai Jetboards

There are several uses cases for eFoil and jetboard owners:

  1. On a pier: At our home spot we usually start from a pier and connect our boards (currently Lift Foils eFoil and Loawai) with a rope to the pier while we are not riding. If a boat comes the waves usually bump our board against the pier which can causes scratches or even worse. With the C-Dock from NautiBUOY we can now easily park at the pier without being afraid about damaging the board.
  2. On a yacht: The case is very similar when you use a yacht as your base to go foiling or jet-boarding. But now you could damage your board and your yacht if waves bump your board against the boat.
  3. Even on the beach:  If you start your session from the beach, the C-Dock can be still very useful if you don’t want to carry your entire eFoil out of the water when you need a rest. Just connect a small anchor to your C-Dock at a place it where it is deep enough for the hydrofoil mast. Now you can easily park your eFoil in the water while hanging out at the beach.
The C-Docks fit with any shape
The C-Docks fit with any shape

The C-Dock is available in 2 versions which come at a different price point. We tested the C-Dock Sport which retails about 750 EUR plus VAT and shipping and were surprised how useful it is. Due to its small size it is very easy to transport. The C-Dock Voyager is the larger version which retails at 2,995 EUR plus VAT and shipping. It comes with a luxury teak foam finish and is large enough to stand on.

The C-Dock Voyager offers space to walk to you surfboard
The C-Dock Voyager offers space to walk to your surfboard

In our tests we found out that we finally are able to get dry on the pier when we finish riding. This was especially a challenge with a the eFoils. Now you can ride right into your garage and step on the pier.

Watch a short video of our C-Dock review here. This was our first try. I promise to improve the style:

This will probably even work better with the Voyager version as it is larger and more stable.

NOTE: ’Nautibuoy Marine does not recommend riding directly into the C-Dock on an eFoil due to potential hazards. We suggest disembarking and powering off the eFoil before parking it in the C-Dock’

NautiBUOY offers a full range of platforms to give you more space on the water next to your yacht or pier. The different modules can all be combined for hanging out or park your water sports equipment including jet skis.

C-Dock Sport and Voyager next to each other
C-Dock Sport and Voyager next to each other

After our C-Dock review we feel comfortable to recommend the docks for jetboard and electric hydrofoil users and are offering them now in our store at C-Dock Sport and C-Dock Voyager.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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