Onean Manta - electric surfboard for families

The Onean Manta falls due to the limited speed into the category electric SUP, but it is not a traditional SUP (Stand Up Paddle) surfboard.

The Mantas special form factor makes it ideal for families. Onean from Spain does offer next to their electric surfboards Carver and Carver X a family fun board with electric jet engine.

For about 4,630 EUR plus VAT and shipping you get an very easy to ride and stable board which makes up to 8 to 10 km/h (5-6 mph). The price is however double compared to other solutions such like Sipaboards.

The board can easily carry 2 people or even more kids. It is so stable because of its dimensions of 230 cm (7’6”) x 90 cm (35,4”) and a volume of 200 litres. This is much wider than a traditional SUP. The Onean Manta has a weight of 16 kg (35 lbs) and offers 450 W power.

Onean Manta Family board
Onean Manta Family board

The Onean board comes with a wireless remote control, a battery pack and of course the board itself. The Manta was launched together with the Carver in 2016 so it is out since a while. Given the experience from Onean as an early pioneer in electric surfboards you can probably trust the components. It uses the same components (batteries and remote) as the Carver Jetboards.

We had the chance to test the Onean Manta for an entire day. The kids and my wife loved it. And while I personally as a Jetboard and eFoil owner was not blown away from the speed, I was certainly surprised how well it was steering. It is a great board.

An eSUP is for relaxing
An eSUP is for relaxing

You can compare the Manta with other electric SUP surfboards in our E-SUP comparison. Again, E-SUPs are not high adrenalin power jetboards. They are relatively slow and for cruising on lakes. It is about relaxing and enjoying the nature.

At the same time they are relatively safe due to the limited speed so that even you kids can enjoy it on their own. Or you can tow a second SUP or surfboards at low speeds.

Please share your thoughts on this product in our forum.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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