Surf Rebel X by Waterrebels

It has been a while since we published anything about Waterrebels, but now with the Surf Rebel X new updates are available. We meet CEO Stefan Klug quite often as we live in the neighbourhood here in Berlin. However, he wanted to stay under the radar for a while as he was preparing for a launch in the near future.

Waterrebels new design
Waterrebels new design

Stefan Klug is a big fan of design and perfection and this is why he took another round to design the jetboard and its components from scratch. Given all the delays we see with electric surfboards and e-foils he is probably right not to rush the launch. We talked to several manufacturers over the past 2 weeks and only a very, very few such like Lift Foils and Onean can deliver in short times below 3 weeks.

You can see on the pictures that Stefan put a lot of effort into the details. We love the design and also the specs. 60 km/h top speed driven from 15 PS (horsepower)  at a running time of 40-55 minutes sound not too bad. The price will be 14,990 EUR plus VAT and shipping and the board is available for pre-order. You can compare these specs with our boards in our electric surfboard comparison.

surf rebel x by waterrebel
surf rebel x by waterrebel

The light weight carbon fibre jetboard with inserted handles for easier transport will be available in different colours and promises some "smart features". It has a connected IoT (internet of things) unit with GSM, GPS and Bluetooth in the top of the board. More about the functionality later.

The lithium ion battery offers an automatic emergency shut down which controls the special designed jet propulsion with 750 N trust.

Surf Rebel X electric surfboard
Surf Rebel X electric surfboard

Not only the board is designed well, but also the IoT unit mentioned above is powering a well designed app for smartphones. The app has following features:

  • GPS tracking for one or multiple boards
  • Geofence in order to set no go areas for the Surf Rebel X
  • Speed limits (kids mode / race mode / X mode)
  • Tracking and recording of your trips
  • Alerts (e.g. movement of the board to avoid theft)
  • Reports
  • Service requests

Many of these features are very helpful for jetboard rental services.

Smartphone App
Smartphone App

We are very much looking forward to test the Surf Rebel from Waterrebels later this year. If it rides as good as it looks like it might become a game changer. Let's keep the fingers crossed for Stefan who is working since more than 3 years on the project out of Berlin, Germany.

Stefan is still open for further investors and you can find more info about that at

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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