Onean is an electric jetboard brand from Spain owned by the company Aquila which is an engineering and product design spin off of the company Bizintek. The company is based out of Bilbao in Spain and is developing electric surfboards since 2013.

With the know-how and resources of Aquila and Bizintek the team around CEO Inigo Sobradillo was able to develop everything in-house. Already in 2015 Onean introduced their first two models with the Carver and Manta. So they are the oldest electric surfboard manufacturers still in the market who was able to ship in volumes.

Onean Surfboard from Spain
Onean Surfboard from Spain

Inigo Sobradillo started windsurfing when he was 13 years old and got addicted very soon. When he was in college he got introduced to electric engineering and at a day with no wind he had the idea of an electric propulsion which would enable him to surf without any wind or waves.

The first prototypes were based on standard surfboards with basic jet engines mainly to proof the concept that lithium ion batteries would be able to serve this use case. The prototypes got a lot of attention at the beach and Bizintek was spending resources as it could potentially re-use the developments for other electric vehicles. At this time the goal was set to develop Onean electric surfboards.


Onean Carver with 75 kg rider
Onean Carver with 75 kg rider 

Onean jetboard models

Coming back the first two models Carver and Manta. Both are using modular components so that they can use the same battery, same remote control and other components. Even the 2018 introduced Carver X and 2020 introduced Carver Twin are leveraging the same components.


The Manta is a family board. Almost a platform on the water and falls into the category Electric SUP surfboards. It is slower than other jetboards and designed for relaxing on the water and for families. It is safe enough that even your kids can play with it. The boards makes a maximum of 10 km/h and the battery can let up to 6 hours according to Onean. We had a chance to ride the 230 cm long board which is 90 cm wide (much wider than other SUP boards). The 200 litre volume make it very stable and we were surprises how easy it was to steer. Much easier as we have seen this with other E-SUPs.

Onean Carver

The Carver has a more traditional surfboard design and is faster. It can reach up to 30 km/h if the rider is below 70 kg. In our forum you can find some useful tipps how you can get the most power out of the Carver with a few modifications. Mainly by eliminating the resistance of the surface and by using different fins. Like the Manta it is using 1 battery and 1 jet engine. The board is 240 cm long and 70 cm wide and has optional foot straps which make it possible to jump. (see picture above). The board has the power of 5,000 Watt. The Onean Carver was discontinued in 2020.


Onean CEO Inigo riding the Carver X
Onean CEO Inigo riding the Carver X 

Carver Twin

So while the Carver was able to reach decent speed for light riders the slow speed for riders above 75 kg was a problem. In order to overcome this issue, The launched a successor product at boot 2020 called the Carver Twin. The Onean Carver Twin is using 2 jet engines, but only 1 battery. With this approach they achieve more water output which shall server now riders for up to 90 kg. The second engine brought the price slightly up from around 4,500 EUR plus VAT and shipping to 6,990 EUR plus VAT and shipping, but it can address a much larger market and the additional power will also result into more fun for lighter riders. We think this is a god move.

Carver X

Onean launch an X model already in 2018 which is called the Carver X. It is a larger board with 2 batteries and 2 jets which now can accelerate riders around 95 kg to 40 km/h. According to the company it can even handle riders up to 115 kg. The price is with 8,49 EUR plus VAT shipping still cheaper than many other boards as you can compare in our electric surfboard comparison. We had the chance to ride the Carver X with a weight of 90 kg. It is a great board and has enough power. We consider the Twin model as an allrounder family board and the X model for riders who want more power or weigh above 90 kg.

In 2019 Onean introduced new updated batteries which still work with all of the 3 models Carver Twin, Manta and Carver X. The housing was improved and it got brighter LEDs as well as new handles. They also introduced a fire-proof battery bag for transportation and safe charging. We know that the team around Inigo is working on a 4th model. A racing jetboard which is shorter and has even more power. It shall have the name Onean Blade. In 2020 they did however focus on launching the Twin model, so the Blade will probably not come before 2021.