The calendar for the MotoSurf WorldCup 2018 is out. In 5 races on 3 continents the best jet boarders worldwide will race for the championship.

Each event will have men and women competing in 2 classes with a Junior event hold in Austria August 10th to 12th.

Motosurf Worldcup
Motosurf Worldcup

The WorldCup started in 2013 and got more popular every year. What is amazing is that this sport is not just dominated by men, but that also a lot of very talented female riders are joining. Most boards are from Jetsurf.

The MotoSurf WorldCup stops are as follows:

  • Czech republic – Brno 7.-9. June
  • Great Britain – Wyboston 22.-24. June
  • China 20.-22. July
  • Korea – Busan 26.-28. July
  • USA 26.- 28. Oct. (not confirmed)

And the Junior MotoSurf WorldCup:

  • Austria – Bruck 10.-12. August
Motorsurf World Cup 2018
Motorsurf World Cup 2018

At the stop in Brno in June there will be also an electric surfboard race.

In order to participate men are paying an all year license of 100 EUR and women are paying 50 EUR for the all year license.

If you only want to join one race it is 50 EUR a license for both women and men.

On top of this you have to pay a starting fee for each race (100 EUR men, 50 EUR women)

Up to 48 riders are allowed for the men class and 24 for the women class.

Other requirements are a jetboard in good condition, a vest, a helmet, a security leash and for riders under 18 years a neck protector. Starters need to be at least 14 years old.

Depending on the MotoSurf WorlCup tour stop you either qualify by last years performance or by qualifying rounds. In the qualifying rounds you must have a time which is not 35% longer than the fastest rider.

If you want to register for a race please contact Jan Zeman at [email protected]

Please follow the tour at or in our forum at