AirFly eFoil from Audi Aerofoils - Inflatable E-Foil 2024

With the inflatable AirFly eFoil, Audi Aerofoils is launching an affordable entry-level model onto the market. It is designed to be robust and safe.

The AirFly from Aerofoils was presented at the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf. The inflatable eFoil with the typical Audi brand is intended to reach a new target group thanks to its lower price.

AirFly demo

We recorded the following product demo at the trade fair for the E-SURFER YouTube channel:

Video: AirFly eFoil from Aerofoils

You can take a closer look at the inflatable eFoil in the video above. It was introduced at the same time as the HyperFly eFoil scooter, which also has an inflatable board. We also have a video of this in our HyperFly article.

Technical data

With a volume of 150 liters, the board is very suitable for beginners. At the same time, it can be stowed very compactly by deflating the air.

The advantage of an inflatable SUP cover is its robustness and impact resistance. This means that the boards are not as sensitive as carbon fiber eFoils. However, this approach also has an effect on the riding behavior. Like all inflatable eFoils, the AirFly is not as easy to turn on the surface. This is due to the rounded edges on the underside. In addition, an inflatable eFoil slows down a little more when touching down on the surface of the water.

Inflatable eFoil from Aerofoils
Inflatable eFoil from Aerofoils

These are the two sides of the coin, because on the other side you get an insensitive board, which also leads to fewer scratches on yachts thanks to the soft board cover. And it should also be a little lighter.

The AirFly uses the same components (apart from the board) as the other eFoils from Aerofoils. So if you already own an Adventure or Performance model from Aerofoils, for example, you can simply swap the board. Battery, wings, jet and remote control are compatible.

Anti Breach System (ABS)

As the AirFly is aimed at beginners, the board will be supplied with a shorter 60 cm mast, just like the HyperFly eFoil scooter. The standard mast is 80 cm. A shorter mast ensures a more stable ride and fewer falls.

eFoil Anti Breaching System
eFoil Anti Breaching System

The shorter mast also features the new ABS = Anti Breaching System. It is designed to prevent beginners in particular from shooting up too quickly and crashing.

For this purpose, there is an air inlet on the side of the mast that is connected to the jet. If the air inlet is in the water (i.e. the eFoiler is still in the green zone), the eFoil will run normally. If it rises too high, air is fed into the jet drive through a vacuum, which reduces the performance. This causes the AirFly to descend slightly. A really smart solution.

However, the ABS can be deactivated if desired. The system is shown in more detail in the video of the HyperFly article.

Price & availability

With the AirFly, Aerofoils wants to bring a more affordable beginner E-FOIL onto the market. No price has yet been announced, but I estimate that it will be around EUR 10,000. No guarantee.

The delivery date of "summer 2024" is also still quite vague. I'm hoping for May 2024, but I assume that we will receive one of the first models, which can then of course be tested in our store.

I think we will also be using this board in our eFoil schools!

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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