Jetsurf founder Martin Sula interview

Jetsurf founder Martin Sula is the first in the row of industry interviews in the times of COVID-19. While some countries are starting to open up and first Jetboarders and eFoilers are already back on the water, the industry certainly got hit by the pandemic. How much is what we wanted to find out from different founders and CEOs of the industry.

Jetsurf founder Martin Sula
Jetsurf founder Martin Sula

We got a product demonstration from Jetsurf founder Martin Sula in January at boot 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can find the video interview below. The Jetsurf Electric is now shipping and we expect our own board later in May. Stay tuned for a detailed review in June.

One thing upfront. Martin is known for short and exact answers, so please don’t wonder about the short feedback. Compared to the other interviews coming he shares his feedback in 25% or less of the words. This is efficiency 😉 But that’s fine, the facts are interesting anyways and I was surprised about the ratio between electric and petrol powered boards. But read the interview yourself underneath the boot video demonstration.

Interview with Jetsurf founder Martin Sula in May 2020:

When was the First Jetsurf Electric delivered and how many do you plan to ship by end of 2020?
We already delivered over 30 units to the end customers
In 2020 what do you expect to be the ratio between electric and petrol powered boards?
We expecting that we will be around 30% Electric and 70% Petrol
Do you feel an impact due to COVID-19?
Not so much, we are little bit limited with the logistic, but the factory running in 80% working mood.
Is the 2020 portfolio set or will you launch new products this year?  Y
You never now😃However our focus for now is on models 2021.
What is the next product on your roadmap?
This is secret.
Our recent research showed that some countries such like Switzerland, Canada and parts of Southern Germany have banned electric surfboards and eFoils. Most countries though seem to allow them, but users need to register them and carry a plate with a unique number from the local authorities. Do you have any additional data from other parts of the world?
We also know about some troubles in Austria. However all our boards are CE certificated with EU and USA valid certification on the emissions, so in the countries where the clients have to do the registration we dont have any problems.
Jetsurf working under COVID-19 conditions
Jetsurf working under COVID-19 conditions
How many resellers do you have worldwide and are they spread about all continents?
We have now around 50 resellers around the world and they covering all continents.
What do you think about  electric hydrofoils?
We like this idea and the conception, but our focus is for now in different type of the watertoys.
By when do you think the price of a premium electric surfboard like yours will be around 5,000 USD?
Price under this price point for a premium product is for now not the reality.

As we said, Martins answers are short but precise. Please see also our interview with Martin from February 2018 to learn more about the beginning of Jetsurf Factory.

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