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Lampuga Air Jetboard unboxing review
Lampuga is finally shipping and we received one of the first boards to do a Lampuga Air Jetboard unboxing review. We did ride the board already in June 2018, but mass production just started recently after a few improvements of the battery.

Lampuga is a German company and they eager for “safety first”. The battery and the charger are very important components if it comes to safety. Not only on the water, but when you charge or store your board. The company decided to take another round of reviewing all aspects and took a delayed launch into account to be on the right track. We think this was a wise move, even if we had to wait a little bit longer.

Lampuga battery and charging station
Lampuga battery and charging station

The Lampuga batteries have cells which are individually sealed so that a thermal runaway is very unlikely. We have so far only seen this extra safe approach with Loawai Jetboards. Many manufacturers are not going this route, because first it is expensive and secondly it is increasing the weight of the battery substantially. We are currently storing batteries of 5 different manufacturers and we are appreciating the advanced level of safety, even if the additional weight might be sometimes not as comfortable.

That’s said. Hey, we finally have the boards in our hands which we waited for months for. That’s awesome and while we are entering winter here in Europe we will ride the boards over the coming weeks. Again, we had the chance to ride it already last year. So we know what we can expect and that it will be fun.
Lampuga Air comes in 3 boxes
Lampuga Air comes in 3 boxes

Lampuga Air Jetboard unboxing review

So what is in the box? Actually the Lampuga Air comes in 3 boxes. One for the battery, One for the Powerbox and charger and a third box with the charger station, pump, repair kit, accessories case and the inflatable hull.

Lampuga is offering the hull 7 different colours with grey, yellow, green, red, lighter blue, blue and black. We decided for the red one.

We filmed our Lampuga Air Jetboard unboxing review in the video below:

All components have a premier quality as far as we can see for now. The Lampuga branded pump is featuring single and double pump as well as inflating and deflating and it has a display to show the current pressure.

The accessories case is holding the wireless remote charger, the security leash, the remote (integrated in a handle connected to the top of the board), a wristband (in case you don’t want to use the handle connected to the top of the board / for advanced riders), a syringe to clean the motor unit (for example if you use you board in salt water) and 2 FCS fins.

Lampuga Air remote control
Lampuga Air remote control connected to a handle or with wristband
The battery comes in his own box as it weighs about 25 kg and is therefore is even heavier than the other 2 big boxes. The entire board is about 50 kg including the battery. Again, the quality looks superior to what we have seen with some of the cheaper manufacturers and we appreciate this. When we tried to put the battery into the board or into the charger station it went very smooth.

The 3.616 kWh  battery is charging in 2 hours and is good for about 45 minutes of riding. It powers the 10.3 kW (14 hp) motor for speeds up to 50 km/h.

Lampuga Powerbox- Lampuga Air Jetboard unboxing review
Lampuga Powerbox

The heart of the Lampuga Air Jetboard is the Powerbox which contains the electronics, the motor and the jet. The battery will be inserted right into the Powerbox. The modular setup makes it easy to transport and store, but also helps the support team in case a component needs to be replaced. No need to send the entire board, but just the component which needs to be checked. The Powerbox can be easily hold in one hand with its large integrated handles.

How to setup the Lampuga Air?

The beauty of the Lampuga Air is the modular setup which makes it possible to store the entire board even in the back of a small car. It just takes 15 minutes to install the board at the beach.

The setup works like following:

  1. Use the pump to fill the inflatable hull with 20% air
  2. Install the Powerbox into the hull
  3. Pump more air into the hull (1 bar / 15 psi)
  4. Connect the handle to the top of the board
  5. Install the 2 FCS fins
  6. Insert the battery
  7. Turn the battery on (Stand by - blue light)
  8. Check if the remote is paired (green light on the remote)
  9. Put the magnet of the security leash on the magnet holder
  10. Press the power button again (ready - green light)
  11. Go!
Lampuga inflatable hull
Lampuga inflatable hull

Get your own Lampuga Air

The Lampuga Air can handle riders up to 100 kg and it is very easy to learn. With a length of 230 cm it has enough volume to stand on the board.

The Lampuga Air is now available for 13,999 EUR  incl. 19% German VAT in our hop. An ideal Christmas present 😉

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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