Here is an overview of the partners of E-Surfer. We organize events with our partners, exchange information on test reports and they help us to answer your questions in the forum.

E-Surfer Partner

We help each other to achieve more reach together and connect with more users. This enables us to get test prototypes from the manufacturers. Which in turn helps to inform you about new boards as early as possible. If you would like to become an E-Surfer partner yourself, then take a look at our partner program.

Allstar Jetboard Tour Partner

With Jetboard Limited and Jetsurfingnation (more about these two partners below) we launched the Allstar Jetboard Tour in 2018. The goal was to test as many boards as possible ourself.

It all started with Wayne and Mike’s trip through Europe, during which they also visited Andreas from E-Surfer. Through our joint appearance, we were then able to persuade more and more manufacturers to visit us directly with their jetboards and eFoils. So far, dozens of tests have been carried out under real conditions.

Jetboard Limited

Wayne from England moved to sunny Spain to sell all the different jet-board brands. Today he has shops in Spain and with his brother Grant in England. In Germany we represent the team with our shop.

As part of the Allstar Jetboard Tour Team, we are in close contact with Wayne and we advise each other on the different models. More information about Jetbord Limited at:


Mike from Jetsurfingnation is responsible for many of the videos that you can see on this page. His YouTube channel has dozens of helpful videos about electric surfboards and hydrofoils.

Mike and I are also in close contact and coordinate our articles and videos. Four eyes simply see more than two 😉 More information about Jetsurfingnation at:

Become a partner:

We are always open to new partnerships. If you have any ideas, just contact us. We look forward to your message.