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Power Fin review - Aqua Marina BLUE DRIVE

In our Aqua Marina BLUE DRIVE Power Fin review you will learn more about the currently cheapest electric SUP conversion kit in the market. Is it worthwhile?

The Aqua Marina can be connected to any SUP surfboard which has a slide-in center fin system by replacing the original fin. The official price is around 550 EUR, but we already saw it at Amazon for 450 EUR (incl. VAT and shipping). In our Aqua Marina BLUE DRIVE Power Fin review video below you can see the unboxing as well as a test ride.

The package includes:

  • BLUE DRIVE Power Fin (motor unit)
  • wireless remote control with arm strap
  • bungee rope set
  • security leash
  • control case with battery pack
  • tool to replace propeller
  • user manual in English, French, German and Spanish

We used the BLUE DRIVE with a NAISH inflatable SUP board for our Aqua Marina BLUE DRIVE Power Fin review.

It was very easy to replace our fin with the Power Fin and to connect it with the battery pack. Also the Bluetooth paring with the remote control worked on the fly. The overall setup process was just 5 minutes. The Power Fin, the battery pack and remote control had a reasonable good quality, but the charger is undersized and got really hot (above 50 degrees celsius).

The weight of the Power Fin is 2.6 kg and the battery pack with controller is 3.1 kg. We found this comfortable. The remote control (incl. the strap for the arm) feels a little bit cheap and we had to turn around our body in order to control the board. It seems the Bluetooth is not strong enough to go through the body.

Power Fin review - battery charger gets too hot
battery charger gets too hot

The charging time was around 5-6 hours (which we found very long, but this was also stated in the user manual) and was good for a ride of at least one to two hours at full speed.

The remote let’s you control the motor into 4 modes:

  • F (orward) 1= 3 km/h according to the manual (we tested 3-4 km/h)
  • F (orward) 2= 4 km/h according to the manual (we tested 4-5 km/h)
  • F (orward) 3= 5 km/ according to the manual (we tested 5-6 km/h)
  • R (everse) = 3 km/h according to the manual (we tested 3-4 km/h)
Top speed 5-7 km/h
Top speed 5-7 km/h

The picture of our GPS app shows a maximum of 10 km/h, but this does not seem right. Our 90 kg rider made 5-7 km/h maximum, but this is still more than claimed in the manual. Good. You actually cannot accelerate by paddling. The paddle is only used to steer the board (you cannot steer by moving your weight like on an electric surfboard like Waterwolf.

The security leash worked fine and turned off the motor right away. Aqua Marina recommends that the BLUE DRIVE Power Fin powered SUP can be used by children from 8 years. The motor engine looks indeed save enough.

BLUE DRIVE Power Fin review

Given the low price compared to others like Scubajet it is a low entry product. The quality is medium to low. One bungee rope did break at the first use. You can neither accelerate the speed with the paddle, nor can you comfortably ride with the motor turned off. The reason is the drag which is created by the big propeller.


  • Price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe even for children
  • Propeller can be replaced


  • -Undersized battery charger
  • Bungee rope straps broke at first usage
  • Remote and strap feel cheap
  • Long charging time
BLUE DRIVE Power Fin review
BLUE DRIVE Power Fin review

You can compare the BLUE DRIVE with other E-SUPs and conversion kits in our electric sup comparison.

More information at aquamarina.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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