Onean founder Inigo Sobradillo - Interview

Our interview with Onean founder Inigo Sobradillo about his experience with the COVID-19 dilemma and his outlook for the coming season.

Our last interview in 2017 with Onean founder Inigo Sobradillo was already a while ago, so we reached out for some updates as we didn't meet him earlier this year at the boot trade show in Germany. In January 2020 we had the opportunity to do a video interview with one of Inigo's team members who was demonstrating the new 2020 models such like the Carver Twin and the Carver X to us. Watch the demo here:

Okay, let's dive right into the interview with Inigo.

Inigo, when was the first Carver Twin delivered and how many do you plan to ship by end of 2020?

The first Carver Twin was delivered to dealers in February. We plan to ship around 600 units on this first year.

In 2020 what do you expect to be the ratio between Carver Twin and Carver X?

We think that it could be 70% Carver Twin and 30% Carver X

Onean Founder Inigo Sobradillo
Onean Founder Inigo Sobradillo

Do you feel an impact due to COVID-19?

Yes. The market has been in halt for almost a month but now things are starting to move again.

Is the 2020 portfolio set or will you launch new products this year?

We are continuously working on improvements to be applied to the actual products, but also developing new ones. This year we are probably not going to be able to put another product in the market.

Onean Carver X production
Onean Carver X production

What is the next product on your roadmap?

We would rather not be unveiling that info till we are near to launch it.

Our recent research showed that some countries such like Switzerland, Canada and parts of Southern Germany have banned electric surfboards and eFoils. Most countries though seem to allow them, but users need to register them and carry a plate with a unique number from the local authorities. Do you have any additional data from other parts of the world?

As previously seen, each country or even state have their own regulations when it comes to jetbaoard or electric crafts and may require additional registration or identification. At Onean we comply with the latest certification and regulation standards, and documents and tech specs are provided to each customer in order to facilitate such registration if needed. Nevertheless, the future of the regulation seems uncertain, education of the rider is the key to ease restrictions in the long run.

How many resellers do you have worldwide and are they spread about all continents?

We have over 30 resellers and we have presence on more than 20 countries from most of the continents.

Inigo riding the CARVER X
Inigo riding the CARVER X

What do you think about  eFoils?

Foils are very interesting products. I have tried myself and once you dominate it, it’s very easy and comfortable going over the water without touching it. But for myself, I prefer to get a closer feeling from the water by going planning on its surface.

By when do you think the price of a premium electric surfboard will be around 5,000 USD?

That is not an easy task, but we are continuously studying ways to lower costs and end price, so we make this emerging sport to be accessible for more people. Some of the things we need in order to achieve that are to increase the sales and lower down the battery core price. It will take some time.

Thanks to Onean founder Inigo Sobradillo for taking the time for our questions in these busy times. If you have further questions, please ask them in our Onean forum.

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