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In our Onewheel Basics series we will publish a few tipps for Onewheel riders. Today we are looking into the Onewheel fender kit noise, which can be annoying if you ride on roads with dirt / small stones or gravel roads.

Onewheel Basics
Onewheel Basics

Why do you need a Fender Kit at all? We agree the OW looks nicer if you ride it without the kit, but it will protect you against small stones which can hit your leg and also if you hit the wheel with your feet. Especially when you are riding barefoot.

In addition it will keep you clean if you are riding on wet surfaces or in the rain. If you care about this 😉

Onewheel Fender Kit Noise Fix
Onewheel Fender Kit Noise Fix

The Fender Kit is sold optional by Future Motion for about 85 USD, but there are also several other manufacturers out such like https://craftandride.com who offer Carbon fender kits starting from 150 USD.

The downside is the fender kit noise, which can be quite annoying. Small stones hit the fender while you are riding.

In our Onewheel Basics we want to help to fix this.

Onewheel Fender Kit Noise easy fix
Onewheel Fender Kit Noise easy fix

To avoid fender kit noise you just need to spray underseal spray on bitumen basis. 500ml of such spray is just about 5 USD.

Take off the fender kit, clean it and spray 3-4 times as shown on the pictures and in our video.

Let it dry and mount it back to your Onewheel. This should reduce the fender kit noise by 60%.

We uploaded a video in our video section in Youtube where you can see the procedure and hear the fender kit noise with and without the underseal spray at our 2 test rides.

This was an easy and inexpensive fix.

By the way, if your are still considering if you should buy a Onewheel or not, check out our Onewheel Shop

The Onewheel is a unique electric vehicle and unlike any other electric skateboard.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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