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Onewheel Nosedive - Avoid the Crash

When you read about an Onewheel Crash you will hear a lot about the Onewheel Nosedive. The motor would shut down for a moment which in almost 100% of the times results into a crash.

Some people sold their Onewheel or Onewheel+ because they are not willing to take this risk anymore. Others believe that it mainly depends on the skills of the rider and that each new sport / technology has its risks in early days.

Onewheel Nosedive
Onewheel Nosedive

Most of the time the Onewheel Nosedive will happen when you continue to accelerate even after a trough back. A trough back is a sign from your OW that you are going too fast and it will try to lift the nose up to slow down the board. If you continue to push the front pad down, you may dive your nose into the ground.

Nosedives do also happen if you go uphill too fast. Heavier riders seem to face more nosedives.

How to avoid a OW Nosedive
How to avoid a OW Nosedive

Some people report that the nosedive just comes out of the blue and in many cases a Onewheel Nosedive causes bad injuries. Again on the other side real Onewheel fans do think that's just the risk of a new sport.

There are even Facebook groups sharing pictures of their sores or broken bones (not only about nosedives) such like Onewheel Crash Group at: facebook.com/groups/onewheelextreme/

Be careful, some of the pictures look really bad.

If you ride the Onewheel you better wear good protection gear.

Most times the Onewheel Nosedive is explained with the limitation of the motor power and that it would turn off if you demand it to hard, e.g. with heavy riders, uphill or accelerating over the edge.

Some people say you can eliminate the risk of an Onewheel Nosedive by always keeping the center of your body exactly above the wheel. Don’t move your body over the front pad, only use your legs to put pressure on the front pad.

Onewheel Crash
Onewheel Crash

This makes a lot of sense and would be a better riding style anyways.

In addition you should not accelerate to the maximum speed (unless you want to take the risk and / or break a new speed record). If you go to the highest speed or maximum grade at a hill the board has only a minimum of resources left to keep the board balanced.

I think, the Future Motion team who produces the Onewheel should look into this issue and improve the board. I am sure they will.

May be the electronics can be improved or if the cause is the limitation of power maybe the software can be modified that the board will slowly reduce the speed.

And a final word about Future Motion. They are clearly the inventor of this sport and earn a lot of respect for that. But still each new technology has its weaknesses an can be improved.

There are cheap clones in the market. I had no opportunity to test them yet, but doubt that any other product has less challenges.

More information about the Onewheel Nosedive here: community.onewheel.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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