In our electric surfboard test center at Funkhaus Berlin you can try before you buy. Before purchasing an electric hydrofoil, Jetboard or eSkateboard you can test it yourself.  You cannot rent an eFoil, Jetboard or Onewheel here, however for people who are seriously interested to buy a board we offer a training, detailed product demo and of course the test ride. For rentals please check out our rental partners.

Our trainers will explain all components in detail. Will setup the board together with you and will join you on the water in a boat or jetboard to give instructions. Or for the Onewheel on a second Onewheel on the street and different terrains. We recommend you have a wetsuit, a vest and a helmet for the eFoil and Jetboards and a helmet and protectors for the Onewheel. Our test centres can only train riders of 18 year and above.

Electric Surfboard Test Center: eFoil
Electric Surfboard Test Center: eFoil

Lift Foils eFoil Test Center:

  • Location: Funkhaus Berlin
  • Price: 300 EUR

We suggest you watch all  eFoil tutorial videos before you book a fly before you buy session for the Lift Foils eFoil in our test center. We have to charge you a fee of 300 EUR incl. German VAT for such an eFoil training session which we will deduct from the invoice once you purchase an electric foil from us. In our 90 minutes sessions you will have plenty of time to ask all kind of questions. We will explain the efoil in detail for you and set it up together with you. We are using a bbTalkin headset to communicate with you while you are on the water.

Our trainers are using a bbTalkin wireless headsets to communicate with you
Our trainers are using bbTalkin wireless headsets to communicate with you

Jetboard Test Center:

  • Location: different lakes around Berlin
  • Price: 500 EUR

We also have the different Jetboards such like the Lampuga Air , Radinn Carve and Radinn Freeride available with our mobile electric surfboard test center. Since we cannot ride the Jetboards at the Spree river right next to Funkhaus Berli, but have to transport the boards to a lake outside of Berlin, we charge 500 EUR incl. German VAT. However, these sessions are 120 minutes long and you can try different boards including the electric hydrofoil and E-SUPs such like Sipaboards or ScubaJet.  We will also deduct this amount from the invoice once you purchase a Jetboard or eFoil. We are using a bbTalkin headset to communicate with you while you are on the water.

Electric Surfboard Test Center - Jetboards and eFoils available
Jetboards and eFoils available

E-SUP testing at the Electric Surfboard Test Center

  • Location: Funkhaus Berlin
  • Price: 100 EUR

We have the ScubaJet SUP motor as well as the Sipaboards electric SUPs on display in our showroom. You can take them out for a test ride right next t our shop. We charge 100 EUR for this service and you can try different models. We will deduct the amount again, if you decide to purchase a board.

eSkateboard demo rides

  • Location: Funkhaus Berlin
  • Price: 50 EUR

And last but not least you can also test different eSkateboards such as the Onewheel from Future Motion or Evolve Skateboards at our test center. We have both the Onewheel XR as well as the Onewheel Pint here available for you. In addition we have an Evolve Bamboo and an Evolve Carbon GT for test rides available. Try them all in our 30 minutes session for 50 EUR incl. German VAT. We will deduct this amount from the invoice once you purchase an eSkateboard. We suggest you bring your helmet and protectors with you or you can use one of ours.

Electric Surfboard Test Center
Test the Onewheel

Electric Surfboard Test Center – Testing at your place:

Our main test center is in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a great city in the summer and always worth a weekend trip which can be easily combined with a try before you buy session which are offer 7 days a week. There is an opportunity that we might visit you for test rides with the eFoils and Jetboards.

How this would be possible depends on our workload at the time and where you are located. Please use the following form to request a quote.

Book your session:

Disclaimer: Before we start with your training you have to sign up that you take full responsibility for the session. Our trainers are not responsible in case you get hurt. It is mandatory that you wear a helmet and other protection is recommended.

After your try before you buy session we would appreciate if you share your experience in the E-Surfer Forum. We hope to see you soon.

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