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The Onewheel Shop team is testing electric skateboards since 2017 after riding e skateboards since 2009 and started the Onewheel shop in 2019. We offer different Jetboards and electric hydrofoils, but only one electric skateboard until now. So far we have tested more than 30 different electric boards and we are continuing to do so.

Onewheel Shop
Onewheel Shop

Onewheel+ XR – The original from Future Motion

The Original. The Onewheel+ XR is the real Hoverboard. Float about any terrain and feel like snowboarding in powder.


Experience level: intermediate
Max. Speed: 30 km/h
Range: 30-40 minutes
Charging time: 60 minutes
Engine: 0.75 kWh
Weight incl. battery: 12.3 kg
Length: 75 cm
Width: 24 cm
Deliver time: 2 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: not available
Max. load: 100 kg
Remote control: no


1.999€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

1.679,83€ excl. German VAT

Onewheel Pint – The eBoard for commuters

You want the Onewheel smaller, lighter and easier to ride. Meet the Onewheel Pint. The Onewheel Pint is the latest innovation from Future Motion. It is lighter and smaller than the Onewheel+ XR and designed for every-day commutes and smaller adventures.


Experience level: beginner
Max. Speed: 26 km/h
Range: 30-40 minutes
Charging time: 50 (ultra charger) minutes
Engine: 0.75 kWh
Weight incl. battery: 10.5 kg
Length: 67 cm
Width: 22 cm
Deliver time: 2 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 100 kg
Remote control: no


1.249€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

1.049,58€ excl. German VAT

About the Onewheel Shop:

Rather than offering all electric skateboards we choose only one at this time in order to offer better qualified support for our customers. We currently own 5 electric skateboards, where 2 of them are Onewheels from Future Motion. One Onewheel+ XR and one Onewheel Pint. We ride 90% of the time on the OW and this is our first choice.

We are your local support in the region and our Onewheel Shop Team is able to help with technical questions by email, phone or WhatsApp. We have also spare parts available and will be able to replace a component, if this should be necessary. Before you buy a Onewheel you have the opportunity to test it. Make your appointment at the test center. Our staff will explain the products in detail and join you on in different terrains. We have products on stock in our shop in Berlin.

About the Onewheel:

The Onewheel  aka OW is what we call the electric hydrofoil of the electric skateboards. It is like floating above the ground or snowboarding in powder. It is developed by Future Motion Inc. based out of Santa Cruz in California. CEO and founder Kyle Doerksen was thinking 8 years about this product before he founded the company 2013. In 2014 he launched the Onewheel on Kickstarter.

As the name is suggesting the board has only one wheel which looks similar to a go-cart wheel and it actually can use wheels for go-carts. The motor and the battery are integrated into the wheel. The front foot-pad has 2 sensors to detect if a rider is present before it is self-balancing. Don’t mix up the OW with Monowheels which are available from multiple manufacturers and ride straight. As a surfer or skater you want to ride sidewards like you do with the OW.

The Onewheel is available in 2 options.

Onewheel XR

The Onewheel XR is the 3rd generation of the traditional OW. Future Motion launched the Onewheel in 2014 followed by the Onewheel+ in 2017 and the Onewheel XR in 2018. The XR stands for extended range which is between 19 to 29 km with one battery charge. The earlier models had a range between 9 and 13 km. The top speed is up to 30 km/h powered by 750W hyper core hub motor.
If this is too fast for you (as a beginner or for you kids) you can change the mode in the free smartphone app. The slowest mode is about 15 km/h. The intelligent LED lights at the front and the back of the board turn from white to red or vice versa depending in which direction your riding. The XR charges in just 60 minutes with the hyper charger and 110 minutes with the standard home charger.

The dimensions are 241 mm x 292 mm x 750 mm at a weight of 12.3 kg.

Onewheel Pint

The OW Pint was also released in 2019 and is a smaller more affordable version of the OW. It is just 67 cm long and has an integrated handle for easy carrying on a bus or a train. The Pint has a lightbar integrated into the front pad which is also monitoring the battery charge and sends alarms. The OW Pint is not riding in both directions which makes it actually much easier to ride as you can just stop by leaning back which is called Simplestop. The Pint can reach a top speed of 26 km/h and has a range of 10 to 13 km powered by a 750 W Hypercore hub motor.
It charges in 120 minutes or in 50 minutes with the optional Pint Ultracharger. The dimensions are 222 mm x 266 mm x 689 mm and the weight is about 10.5 kg.

The Pint is available in the colours SLATE (black) and SAND, but the first production run was also available in SAGE (green).

More about the OW

The One-wheel is not using any remote control. The self balancing board is accelerating by shifting your weight forward and brakes by shifting your weight back. It is however using a smartphone app to switch between different modes, check the battery status and to track your rides. The app is available for iOS and Android.

We own 5 different electric skateboards, but the Onewheel is our favourite. Many people claim it shall not be called an electric skateboard and they are probably true. Very similar to the electric hydrofoils and electric surfboards.

We offer the different Onewheels in our E-Surfer Shop and you can also come by to test the Onewheel at our office. To do so, please arrange a fixed appointment.

FAQ One-wheel:

  • Are Onewheels allowed on public streets?

Well, this depends on your region. Each country or even state has its own rules and you would need to check with your local authorities. In many regions the OW is only allowed on private property. If electric skateboards are not allowed in your region go out and find a silent place in the woods and enjoy the the nature. See our video below.

  • Does the OW have lights?

Yes, the Onewheel does have lights at the front in white and at the rear in red. The OW XR can ride in both directions, so the lights will change from white to red and vice versa if you change the directions.

  • Can a Skateboarder ride the OW right away?

The One-wheel is no Skateboard even if some would call it an electric skateboard. The riding is closer to snowboarding or surfing. So if you are familiar with any kind of board sports your will ride it within minutes.

  • Do I need protection?

YES. At a minimum you should wear a helmet like with any other urban action sport such like skateboarding or BMX. Other protection for your knees, elbows, hips, wrist etc. are optional, but recommend if you start or trying new tricks.

  • What are the differences between the OW generations?

Each generation of the One-wheel provided more power, more speed and more range. In addition the smartphone app did offer more individual settings and data tracking for each generation. And the form factor has slightly changed to enable a better grip.