Blea electric surfboard

The Blea electric surfboard is a new electric jetboard developed in Singapore from Blea Watersports Pte Ltd.

The company started to develop the surfboard in early 2015, just finished their 3rd prototype and is planning mass production and sales in June 2018.

Blea electric surfboard
Blea electric surfboard

A kickstarter project with 50% discount will start very soon to receive first orders for mass production.

The Blea electric surfboard will be available in 2 versions. The “Blea Shark Performance” for expected retail price of 5,999 USD and the “Blea Shark Sports” for 8,999 USD.

Bleasurf electric jetboard
Bleasurf electric jetboard

The Blea Shark Performance is a reinforced polymer based board with a weight of 20 kg plus 10 kg for the battery.

It claims 8 (PS) horsepower and a top speed of 20 mph or 32 km/h at a riding time of 40 to 70 minutes. The latter one probably with less speed 😉

The fast charger is supposed to charge the battery in 1.5 hours.

Blea electric Jetsurfer
Blea electric Jetsurfer

The Blea Shark Sports is made out of carbon fibre.

The weight is 15 kg plus 12 kg for the battery. It claims 13 (PS) horsepower and a top speed of 30 mph or 48 km/h.

The range is also 40 – 70 minutes depending on the speed, rider weight and conditions.

The battery is charging in 2 hours.

Blea Surfboard
Blea Surfboard

You can compare the Blea Surfboard with other electric surfboards in our electric surfboard comparison.

Our partner Jetboard Limited will get a board shortly for a full review.

We are glad to see more and more E-Surfer boards to launch in 2018, but at the same time looking forward to test them ourselves within the Allstar Jetboard Tour team.

We hope to have the test board for the review in a few weeks.

More information at the Bleasurf website.

5 Replies to “Blea electric surfboard”

  1. The board that the girl is riding is a petrol model made by tefei, and they are wearing Torque Footpads.

    Both videos they have made is using petrol boards from tefei. Very bad petrol board. One video has the red and yellow design on it similar to old Jetsurf design. Other board is just totally black (no design).

    Please alert people that this board is not in operation and they would be sending this person money to try and develop a board. I am sure the Jet Board industry doesn’t need this, and I am sure the owner of this site would not want to be seen praising a board that is not even produced yet.

  2. Hi Sam

    You are quite right with some of your comments but completely wrong with others. It seems strange that you would make such a strong statement and get so personal. You are quick to judge and provide your version of the truth but what makes your version and what you are saying any better than what Blea did by posting a video of petrol boards with there electric boards? It seems they tried to mislead us for their own benefit but I cant help but feel that you are doing the same thing. Your post makes me think of a jealous competitor.

    Its true that some of the photos and footage are the cheap petrol boards and yes one even has footpads from another board. This is really not a good thing to do when trying to launch a new product. Blea were honest enough to say that on the day of filming both prototypes broke and because they had traveled to a nice location and got a film crew they decided to film and use the footage anyway. I couldn’t agree more that this is a bad move and doesn’t look very good for them. People have the right to be suspicious now.

    However you are completely wrong in saying that this board is not in operation. Would you care to tell us who you are and where you get your valuable and reliable information from? How are you able to make such a strong and bold statement? I have personally seen the new footage of these boards in action and now so has the owner of this site so you have just discredited your whole story now and made yourself look very negative and defensive.

    Please don’t think you speak for all of us when you pretend to know what the Jet Board industry does and doesn’t need. Lets also be clear on something please. Nobody is praising the board nor are we vouching for the board or recommending it in anyway but instead we are just sharing the news of another new and exciting potential board. We welcome and embrace all new comers that are willing to try build a board and we back and support all equally. We are not here to just support the big and successful brands but we are always hoping that some new small little brand will get a lucky break and make it into the market.

    Until we have actually reviewed, ridden, tested and inspected the board ourselves we will try not to be as opinionated as you are Sam. If all we ever did was report on and get involved with successful boards and brands that got it right first time from the beginning then to be honest not one board and brand would deserve to even be here as all had to start somewhere and none were without there issues and problems.

    Im not saying lets be fools but lets maybe try be less gugemefntal and a bit more welcoming to new comers. The Blea team have offered to do live facebook video feeds of riding the boards should you be interested in seeing the board you say does not exist actually running and been ridden.

    Having said all of this I must point out that I wouldn’t be investing any money into a half priced board on a kickstarter campaign and I don’t blame you to a certain extent for having a little tantrum but your comments and statement are a little childish.

    Lets hope you are wrong and maybe this is exactly what the Jet Board industry needs which is more boards and competition to drive prices down so that the average person can afford a board and hopefully it could even improve the shocking service that normally goes with these price tags.


    1. why wouldnt you invest your money into a half price board on kickstarter campaign? I am looking to buy one because its way cheaper than other boards, and even this one is going to be 50% more after the campaign. I dont know how backed product from kickstarter works so I have to do my own research if anything goes wrong and I have to read all the stuff about this boards before making any decisions.

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