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We had the chance to interview Cyril Coste who is the founder of Takuma Concept and who recently announced his electric hydrofoil eTakuma.

Cyril is developing hydrofoil products since many years.


Please check out our eTakuma preview to learn more about the E-FOIL from Cyril.

Cyril Coste moved a few years ago to New Caledonia to enjoy the perfect conditions for water sports. The Takuma marketing team is still based in France and the R&D and production is done in Japan.

Cyril is staying most of his time in Japan these days to kick off the production for the Takuma eFoil.

Cyril, when you were a teenager, which were your most favourite sports you did yourself?

I was actually a professional kiteboarder from 14 to 24, a lot of travels and a LOT of good times ! 


When did ride your first hydrofoil?

My first time was kite-foiling about 10 years ago. 

When did you start thinking about building a business with hydrofoils?

I think it was a step by step process. After my kiteboarding career, I started working in R&D at Naish in Hawaii.

In 2007 I decided to start my own SUP brand (www.lokahiboards.com) and also a boat brand ( www.takuma-boat.com) in 2011, then on side we created a concept with a small sail + an hydrofoil to be able to fly with the outside swell even on a super light wing.


We got completely hooked of the feeling of flying on none breaking waves and the speed of it. We were doing a lot of R&D for ourself, for the pleasure of going faster and to fly with less wind and less waves as possible...

Then when we were ready 2013, we started TAKUMA CONCEPT ( www.takuma-concept.com) as a 100% hydrofoil brand. 

Which motorised surfboards and hydrofoils did you try yourself?

We actually tested a lot of many differents motorized products (electric and non electric) from Jetsurf, to Torqueedo to .... many, many others in different setups.

When did you decide to make electric hydrofoils? 

Our goal was to fly in no conditions ( no waves, no wind...) we used our smaller size boat to test our hydrofoil and to make it better and better every time.

Takuma eFoil
Takuma eFoil

The combination of both was a dream...

We started playing and putting together some existing propulsion and motors in our SUPFOIL.

We went in many different directions, then I meet Homare in Japan, the boss of BB TALKIN, he already had an E-foil.

They have a factory + a huge knowledge in electric products. It couldn't have been a better partner ...

Which were / are the biggest challenges? 

We wanted to offer a super high quality product but affordable and easy to use !

This means a lot of R&D to do on every part... It was a big challenge but also a lot of fun !!  

Which was your biggest success so far? 

I don't know if we talk about success, but so far it was a pleasure to make an E-FOIL really easy to use to everyone...

I really hope to see more people flying and have the chance to know this incredible feeling !!  

How often are you riding your own boards?

If I am not on a plane traveling, I go every single day on E-FOIL or SUP/surf FOIL .

The best time is to fly on E-FOIL or SUPfoil with my wife and son !! 🙂  

Cyril Coste, what do you plan or the future?

We do have some other exciting plans, but for now we will do our best to demo and let people try our E-FOIL !!

Anything else you would like to share with your fans? 

Nothing more to say than : Let's have fun and go fly above the water !!! 🙂 .

If you need any more informations you can contact Cyril Coste at :  cyril.coste@etakuma.com

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