DIY electric surfboard kit by MHZ Watercraft

You can now buy a DIY electric surfboard kit from MHZ Watercraft in Germany. You will find their DIY electric surfboard parts for sale online.

MHZ is known since the Eighties for their boat model construction parts, but since a few years they are also supporting well known electric surfboard companies such like Lampuga and others who do not want to be named.

MHZ Watercraft - DIY catalog
MHZ Watercraft - DIY catalog

Since 2017 MHZ Watercraft is now offering their components to end-users who want to build their own E-Surfer. The DIY electric surfboard parts include jets, controller and even a surfboard which was designed to fit their components.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on the information which can be found on the MHZ website. We (the E-Surfer team) have experience with electric surfboards, but have not built our own yet. I would encourage everyone to participate in a friendly and fruitful discussion in the comment section, if you have concerns and questions about performance, heating, etc. MHZ is committed to answer your questions here.

Additional note: We think the MHZ components are a good step in the right direction to support the DIY community, but to build an electric surfboard is by no meaning easy and simple.

Now, let's have a look what MHZ has to offer.

DIY electric surfboard parts:

The pricing below is for single parts only. Please note that there are bundles available which saves you money.

Pricing can change and is here only mentioned for reference and to give you some rough idea about the costs. The pricing is incl. VAT.

Please visit the MHZ Website for updated pricing.

1. The MHZ Watercraft surfboard

You can of course design your own surfboard or re-use an existing surfboard, but the Surfboard from MHZ Watercraft was especially designed to fit their powertrain, jet, controller, brackets and clutch.

Please note that all performance based data like speed in this article is based on the MHZ Surfboard and could be different, if you use your own board.

DIY electric surfboard parts - The board
DIY electric surfboard parts - The board

The surfboard is in the moment available in 3 colours: red, blue and yellow and sells for about 980 EUR.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is featuring different components for different use cases. If you decide to go for the MHS surfboard there is a fixed setup: The Jet 64 Booster, MGM 40063, Coupling, Scorpion 7035 - or the pre-assambled Powertrain (see also the sample calculation below).

2. The Motors

MHZ offers Inrunner motors with internal rotors and Outrunners with external rotors. Inrunner motors already start below 200 EUR but have only power enough for an Electric SUP or Bodyboard.

For a real electric surfboard you need the power of an Outrunner motor and MHZ is offering 2 versions.

DIY electric surfboard kit - The Motor
DIY electric surfboard kit - The Motor

The beginner model Scorpion HK-5035/760KV is offering 5.8 kW and sells around 339 USD. Like with the electric surfboards, the beginner models are good for light weight riders, but if you are 80 kg or above you should invest in a strong engine.

The Scorpion HK-7455-320KV offers 22.4 kW which is enough power to reach 31 mph to 37 mph (50 km/h to 60 km/h). Even more heavy riders should have plenty of power here. This performance comes with a price tag. It is selling for about 1,050 EUR.

3. The Jet

MHZ offers 4 different jets. The smaller Jet 52 and Jet 58 are designed for the small Scorpion motors and are more for E-SUP’s and Bodyboards as already mentioned. They are selling between 355 and 549 EUR. The Jet 58 could be used for an electric surfboard, but not for the MHZ Surfboard as mentioned above.

Jetboard Jet
Jetboard Jet

The Jet 64 can handle up to 12 kW and should be good for 45-50 Km/h (28-31mp/h) and works well with the Scorpion HK-7455-320KV motor. The body is made out of high quality aluminium and a CNC milled propeller with a diameter of 64mm (2,52“). It sells for around 649 EUR.

Now if you want more power than you may look for the Jet 80 which can handle up to 16 kW and will leverage the entire power of the Scorpion HK-7455-320KV motor. This beast will accelerate you up to 31 mph to 37 mph (50 km/h to 60 km/h). Unfortunately the Jet 80 will not fit into the MHZ Surfboard.

4. ESC (electronic speed controller)

MHZ Watercraft is offering 2 ESC models. The MGM ESC TMM 25063-3 X3 series with 360 ampere is designed for the Jet 52 and Jet 58 and is selling for around 695 EUR

ESC - electronic speed control
ESC - electronic speed control

The MGM ESC TMM 40063-3 X2–SERIES PRO with 500 ampere is designed for the Jet 64 and Jet 80 and sells for around 990 EUR.

These electronic speed controls are the brain of your DIY electric surfboard kit.

5. DIY electric surfboard parts - Coupling

In order to avoid damages caused by imbalance it is very important to have a 100% centric jet coupling. MHZ Watercraft is offering 2 models.


One coupling is designed for Jet 64 and Jet 58 and the other coupling is made for the Jet 80. Both are selling for around 59 EUR

6. The Powertrain

If you want to safe time to assemble your DIY electric surfboard parts you should go for the Powertrain. The Powertrain comes with the Jet 64, the Scorpion HK-7455-320KV motor, the coupling, motor-, ESC- and jet-mounts, alls screws and everything you need to mount it to the MHZ surfboard described above.

Powertrain by MHZ Watercraft
Powertrain by MHZ Watercraft

The price is around 2,000 EUR and you can optionally add the MGM 40063 ESC. See calculation below.

7. remote control & batteries

MHZ watercraft does not offer a waterproof remote control yet, but they are working on this.

They do also not offer batterie packs, but the MHZ support team can help you to find the right batterie supplier.

DIY electric surfboard kit - price

The price of the DIY electric surfboard parts obviously depends on the different components you chose. But we did a sample calculation to give you an indication.

We went for following setup:

  • Powertrain with Jet 64 and ESC included = 2,970 EUR
  • MHZ Surfboard = 980 EUR
  • Marine grease = 9.90 EUR
  • Grease pump = 9.00 EUR
  • MGM cable set = 50.90 EUR
  • Ploymer Glue = 14.50 EUR

This adds up to about 4,033 EUR for your DIY electric surfboard kit.

DIY electric surfboard kit - missing parts

Please note that you need to add shipping cost and of course there are still some components missing such like:

  • battery pack
  • waterproof remote control and receiver
  • Battery charger

This would probably add another 2,000 EUR or probably more (depending on the battery pack).

So for 6,000 to 7,000 EUR you would be probably able to build an electric surfboard which is much more powerful like Beginner Jetboards from Onean or Radinn, which are selling at a similar price.

The power would be similar to the Lampuga boards which sold between 15,000 to 33,000 EUR.

Remember MHZ Watercraft was a supplier for Lampuga, so you will get the same or very similar components.

MHZ Watercraft contact

For more information, please visit

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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