Let’s talk about electric skateboard protection gear. We had a look at different helmets, knee & elbow protectors, different gloves and complete jackets.

Depending on how you are riding and which conditions you are facing you should choose the right electric skateboard protection gear.

electric skateboard protection gear
electric skateboard protection gear

Some of you may think you don’t need protectors, but at a minimum you should were a helmet. There are different videos on Youtube how very high skilled skateboarders destroyed their lives by not wearing a helmet. No matter how good you are, you have only one brain.

We have listed the different electric skateboard protection gear in order of priority.

1. Electric Skateboard Helmets

The design and brand is your personal preference, just make sure the quality is right and that you go not for the cheapest version.

Most of the time we ride with standard skate & BMX helmets. They are comfortable and do the job. We went for a TSG Skate Helmet for about 50 bugs and are happy with this model.

electric skateboard helmets
electric skateboard helmets

If we are going for higher speeds, try new tricks or ride some boards like the Onewheel the first time, we even go for a full face helmet to be on the safe side.

The full face helmets are not so comfortable, but protect your entire head. And if you add some coloured motocross googles it even looks pretty cool.

You should look for a Mountainbike Downhill helmet rather than a motocross helmet as these are to heavy and even more uncomfortable. We are quite happy with our Full Face Helmet for around 100 USD combined with the Thor googles.

2. Electric Skateboard Gloves, Wristguard, etc.

Right after the helmet we suggest to protect your hands with either gloves, wrist-guards or even longboard gloves depending in the use case.

The wristguard is safer than gloves, but if you use a remote control it is not so convenient. We use the TSG Wristguard for the Onewheel.

electric skateboard gloves
electric skateboard gloves

Most of the times we are riding with our Mechanix M-Pact gloves. They are most comfortable and protect you well and ship for around 30 USD.

If we want to slide we are using the Mechanix gloves for the hand with our remote control and Longboard Gloves with pad to support the sliding for our other hand.

3. Electric Skateboard Knee Protectors

Knee protectors are number 3 on our electric skateboard protection gear list. If you fall, you fall on your knees and hands most of the times.

If you live at a sunny place like California it doesn’t matter, but if you wear also Jeans when you are riding, make sure you choose a model with straps. Otherwise you will have a difficult time to put on the knee protectors.

electric skateboard knee elbow protectors
electric skateboard knee elbow protectors

BTW, we are not sponsored by TSG, but we had a good experience with the brand and like to have a setup which fits together. We are using the TSG knee protectors.

The price is around 90 bugs.

4. Electric Skateboard Elbow Protectors

At lower speeds you usually fall onto your hands and knees, but with more speed it is highly likely that you have to make a roll and should protect your elbows. The same is true if you fall to the back where it usually hits your head (were a helmet!) and your elbows.

Like with the knee protectors you should look for a model with straps if you do not have T-Shirt weather 365 days a year. We went again for the TSG elbow protectors which ship for around 40 bugs.

Electric Skateboard Protection Gear Extreme

You want to test your limits? Maximum Speed? In this case we suggest even more protection.

You should protect your back and your hips. Actually your entire upper body.

Electric skateboard protector jacket
Electric skateboard protector jacket

When we go for high speed or want to try something really fancy with our electric skateboards we were a motorbike jacket. It comes with integrated protectors for your elbows, shoulders, hips, back and breast.

We are quite happy with our Fox motorbike jacket which sips for around 150 USD.

Now let's add up all this electric skateboard gear:

  • Skate helmet: 50 USD
  • Full Face Helmet: 100 USD
  • M-Pact Gloves: 30 USD
  • Wrist-Guard: 30 USD
  • Longboard gloves: 50 USD
  • Knee protectors: 90 USD
  • Elbow protectors: 40 USD
  • Protection jacket: 150 USD

All this adds up to about 600 USD. Wow.

Of course not everybody needs the complete set of protection gear. But a 50 USD Skate helmet is the minimum.

Ride safe ...

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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