Are you interested in a SUP with motor? We have looked at the Sipaboards models for you in our electric SUP review.

Sipaboards 2022

Like last year, Sipaboards also offers four SUP with motor models in 2022. The Drive Neo is the lightweight with a length of 336 cm and a width of 77 cm. It weighs only 7.7 kg and is aimed at very light riders. The Drive Tourer with 365 cm length and 82 cm width (8,7 kg) is the fastest and sportiest board in the Sipaboards range. With 336 x 90 cm the Drive All-rounder (10 kg) is the universal board for those who don't know exactly what they are looking for.

Last but not least there is the Drive Fisherman (14 kg) with 336 cm length and 90 cm width. It is the board with the most volume and is not only suitable for fishing (as the name suggests), but also provides a great platform for the whole family. For our electric SUP test we had all 4 models available.

Electric SUP review - Sipaboards
Sipaboards review

All boards have a thickness of 15 cm and use the same drive and battery. The riding time is also specified the same for all 4 boards. It depends on the speed level:

  • Level 1: 3 hours
  • Level 2: 2 hours
  • Level 3: 1 hour

In our electric SUP review, our test rider Andrea was able to achieve this time. The charging time of the main battery is about 3 hours - that of the remote control 2 hours (for 8 hours runtime).

SUP with motor

In our electric SUP review video from the E-SURFER Youtube channel you can see not only the Sipaboards unboxing, but also the complete assembly as well as a few riding videos. We ourselves have this year the Tourer, All-Rounder and the Fisherman in use. Last year also the Neo, but we like Fisherman, All-Rounder and Tourer the most. We have these in stock, the Neo model we can order.

Back to the assembling. The Sipaboards come in 2 boxes. One for the drive and the other for the rest. The board itself comes in a handy backpack, where you can also store the optional carbon fiber paddle, which can be disassembled into three parts. Very convenient is that the drive can be used at the same time as an electric pump for the SUP with motor. This can be quite useful at 30 degrees in the shade 😉

electric SUP review

The intelligent pump pumps in 2 steps. First, the board is only half inflated, so that you can easily insert the drive. Note that the arrow of the drive points forward - otherwise you go backwards :-)) In the second step, the motor then pumps up the SUP completely. In total this takes about 10 minutes.

Then you put in the fin and attach the remote to the paddle. You can use any paddle for this or you can use the lightweight carbon fiber paddle from Sipaboards. Now the safety leash is attached to the board. This also serves as a shoulder strap or carrying handle, since the Sipaboards do not have a hand strap in the middle of the board. This is where the drive is installed.

After the battery is charged, it is simply inserted into the battery compartment and connected to the cable. It fits quite tightly, so it can't slip out of place. Then, the waterproof lid is screwed on by hand without any tools at all.

The Sipaboards are very well made. A hand strap at the top of the board makes it easier to pull in the water and a luggage net secures a waterproof backpack, for example.

Electric SUP review - Sipaboards riding experience

The good thing about the SUP with motor from Sipaboards is the integrated propulsion. Unlike retrofitted motors that are used instead of the fin, the boards can be used as a normal SUP even without the motor drive turned on. In this case, the fin is not replaced and the e-SUP retains its directional stability.

An eSUP is not a jetboard. If you expect rapid speeds, you will be disappointed. Even at the highest speed setting, you won't reach more than 6 to 7 km/h. Our electric SUP review confirmed this once again. But that's not the purpose at all. The quiet electric motor is supposed to support you when you're riding against the wind, for example, or if you're a bit exhausted after a long tour.

Sipaboards remote control
electric SUP review - Sipaboards remote control

The practical remote control on the paddle is not in the way and it is very easy to set the 3 speed levels or turn the motor on and off. Due to the low power, the SUP with motor are not subject to any legal regulations. Since Sipaboards uses a jet propulsion and no propeller is the use also for children safe. Overall good results for our electric SUP review.

Sipaboards 2022 Price

At the end of the electric SUP review article let's talk about the prices. In our online store you can get the Sipaboards Allrounder for 2.290 EUR, the Tourer for 2.390 EUR, as well as the Fisherman Drive for 2.490 EUR. Other models can be ordered of course, but we liked these models the best. These prices are including 19% VAT and without shipping.

If you have any further questions about the electric SUP review, please ask them in our forum. Further tips and tricks can be found on the E-Surfer Youtube Channel.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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