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Sune Pedersen (CTO & Founder) at Faraday Motion who is software engineer started to develop a 3D printed electric skateboard 3 years ago in Copenhagen. His start up is now based in Berlin.

While you can buy complete boards (AKA Hyperboard) the idea is to customise your board. The first production run (50 units) of the Hyperboard is sold out and was mainly to receive feedback from the community.

Faraday Motion CEO Sune
Faraday Motion CEO Sune

Faraday Motion is selling components like motors, batteries, software etc. and gives the community the opportunity to modify or create new components for the modular system. These developments are shared over the web, so that all members have access to them. It is like Open Source for electric skateboard developers.

The 3D printed electric skateboard is very flexible. As an example you can accelerate, or reduce the speed either with an app, sensors on the board or a remote control. It's all software, Sune said. While other manufacturers have fixed modes for SLOW, ECO and FAST, the Hyperboard can be tuned by the community.

3D printed electric skateboard
3D printed electric skateboard

3D printed electric skateboard made easy

The first prototypes were based on the ONDA Vibe Longboard. With different components like battery and motor cases from the 3D printer you build an electric skateboard. The user decides how much battery power he needs on board or if he wants to add other features like lights.

Nowadays it is relatively easy to get access to a 3D printer. Many workplaces offer a monthly subscription to use their printers starting at 20 USD.

The beauty of the community model is that once a user has developed for example a GoPro Mount and shared it, that you just download the files and can print it yourself. For almost nothing.

Electric skateboard built from 3d printer components
Electric skateboard built from 3d printer components

It is very easy to tune your board with the printed components. Additional battery packs for example can be used to let it look like a racing go-kart. Sune likes sports cars and you can see this in his design. The board actually makes up to 44 mph.

When I tried the board I needed to get used to the 7"co-polymer wheels but they offer a wide range on multiple terrains. The Hyperboard was smooth in accelerating and reducing the speed.

I used the iPhone app to ride 3 different Hyperboards and it worked pretty well. A strap on the iPhone protector held it safe in my hand and just by turning the smartphone you control the speed.

Faraday Motion remote control app
Faraday Motion remote control app

The Faraday Motion team is just working on the second generation of their board and we can expect a Kickstarter campaign later this year. Sune and his team could also win a well known skateboard brand, which is looking for an electric skateboard kit developed by them.

In our videos section you will find a short film about the boards.

For more information visit the Faraday website (not available anymore).

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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