Firefly E-SUP with front mounted propeller

The FireFly E-SUP from Mount Vernon in the USA is using an ePropulsion drive to power SUP surfboards. But other than most electric sup surfboards the propeller is mounted towards the front of the board.

The custom built eSUPs from Firefly SUP Drives promises a fast and balanced ride. We know already from the Waterwolf electric surfboard that a propulsion mounted towards the front makes it much easer to carve. Between all the different electric surfboards we have tried so far, the Waterwolf gives you the closest feeling to a real surfboard.

The Firefly E-SUP takes it even a step further. While the propeller of the Waterwolf is between your feet closer to the back foot, the Firefly E-SUP has mounted the ePropulsion unit in front of your feet. In our E-SUP test rides we noticed that other electric SUP boards are indeed hard to steer. You cannot just paddle on one side to make turns. You actually can only turn if you use the paddle for a hard brake on one side or paddle even backwards.

Firefly E-SUP
Firefly E-SUP

With the forward mounted propeller unit (which is dragging you instead of pushing) turns are supposed be much easier and smoother. Giving paddlers the power to go fast and the agility to maneuver creates an exciting eSUP experience according to the manufacturer.

“We’re stoked to get paddlers out on Firefly equipped boards”, says owner and professional engineer Dan Mahar. “It opens up a whole new world of freedom and mobility on the water".

Firefly sells a performance crafted 11’ 6” x 33” eSUP called the Freeride for 1.867 EUR ($2,150 USD).

Firefly E-SUP with front mounted propeller
Firefly E-SUP with front mounted propeller

The board was shaped and tested in the renowned Columbia River Gorge. According to Firefly the Freeride is fast and handles well in a wide variety of conditions including flat water and wind driven chop.

The Freeride Firefly E-SUP is rated to comfortably handle conditions with winds up to 28 km/h or 15 knots for experienced paddlers.

remote control
remote control

Firefly also custom installs their forward-mounted ePropulsion drives on existing paddle boards for 999 EUR ($1,150 USD).

Firefly E-SUP specs:

  • speed is between 8 km/h (5 mph) and 9,2 km/h (5.7 mph) *
  • Range is 8 km or 5 miles
  • The 24 V motos is rated with 300 watts
  • The Lithium Ion battery has 330 WH and can be enhanced with a 2nd battery to 660 Wh
  • The weight of the drive set (w/o board) is 4,3 kg (9.6 lbs) or with a second battery 6,8 kg (15 lbs)

* Footnote on speed:

Speed is based on testing boards that Firefly sells. Tests are performed in calm water with a 77 kg or 170 lbs rider without paddling. Speeds range from 5.0 mph on a 11‘ 6” x 31” surf style board to 5.7 mph on a 14’ x 27” displacement hull touring board

connected trough a whole in the board
connected trough a whole in the board

Firefly SUP Drives is located in the Pacific Northwest and has been selling their unique forward-mounted drive systems since 2014. Firefly’s customers are located throughout the United States and British Columbia, but would like to make it available for users worldwide. For more information visit fireflysupdrives.com

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