H5 Hover Foil from Hoverstar

Hoverstar is a company from Shenzhen in China who develops the electric hydrofoil board H5 Hover Foil next to some other water-toys. They have an Aquajet which is supporting scuba divers , the H3 Hover Ark which is kind of an electric bodyboard and the H1 which they call a flying car, but is looks like an electric jetski with foil. Sounds like a lot of toys to have fun in the water.

electric foil surfboard from Hoverstar
electric foil surfboard from Hoverstar

Their electric hydrofoil board comes in 2 sizes. The shorter version is 177 cm long and 51 cm wide and has a weight of 28 kg.  It is designed for lighter riders and more aggressive carving. It is called the Hover H5 Sport. It is selling for 5,999 USD plus VAT and shipping, has a maximum range of 60 minutes and a top speed of 35 km/h. It is using a propeller engine and they say the charging time for the battery is 3.3 hours. They don't mention the length of the mast, but a maximum height over the water surface of 70 cm, which should translate to a 75 - 85 cm mast.

The longer version is called Hover H5 Plus and is 228 cm long and  76 cm wide at a weight of 30 kg. Otherwise the specs look identical to the Sport version except the price which is 6,299 USD plus VAT and shipping. All specs here are coming from the manufacturer and were not tested yet.

H5 Hover Foil from Hoverstar
H5 Hover Foil from Hoverstar

You cannot find a lot of information on their website which can be found at hoverstar.com, but we were able to get access to their user manual. It is the first time we have seen a battery that gets inserted into the bottom of the surfboard. This certainly makes the look and feel of the upside very smooth, but I am wondering how convenient the replacement is as it seem to use screws.

The remote control has a plus and minus button to adjust the speed and can be charged wireless. Below are two pictures from the manual, but they are claiming that the actual product may look different.

E Surfer

Not much more information in the user manual other than that the engine has 5,000 Watt and the weight of the battery is 13.8 kg. The price is certainly aggressive and about half of the investment you need to buy and electric foil surfboard from Lift Foils or Fliteboard.

We have no information yet about the battery management and the lithium ion cells which are used, but at this price tag it would be at least questionable. The good news is that the Hoverstar team was promising to send us a sample end of May for test rides and a full review.

Stay tuned. This was just a preview, but we added the 2 boards to our e-foil comparison.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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