Lampuga CEO Nicolai Weisenburger interview by E-Surfer

In January 2019 the new Lampuga company lead by Lampuga CEO Nicolai Weisenburger impressed with a huge booth at boot in Dusseldorf. The new Lampuga Air electric surfboard was supposed to be ready for purchase, so we reached out to Nicolai for an interview to learn more about his project.

E-Surfer: How did you get into the business of electrically motorised surfboards?

I was fascinated by the idea of an emission free drive combined with movement on the water, that’s why I invested in the project.

Nicolai Weisenburger

E-Surfer: Was your intention to build a business or did you invest solely to secure dividends?

Besides my activities in the building and real estate industry, I always keep an eye on the recent trends and developments. When I came across the jetboards, it attract my attention. Initially, it was not my intension to start a business in this field.

Lampuga Air
Lampuga Air

When did you decide to start a business manufacturing electric surfboards?

In the beginning I invested in the company, that at the time, manufactured the Lampuga boards. I considered the idea of electrically driven surfboards innovative and promising and I had great aspirations for the products. I first started my own business later when the manufacturer went bankrupt. I acquired the Lampuga brand name and put together a team of developers, which has done a fantastic job in developing and improving the boards.

Which were / are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge is to figure out where we can ride our boards and where to obtain the necessary permission. This is probably one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts. To transport the lithium-ion battery on a plane is also a complex matter, different certifications are needed.

Lampuga CEO Nicolai Weisenburger
Lampuga team & E-Surfer
Lampuga team & E-Surfer

What has been your biggest success so far?

The greatest success up to this point was certainly the positive response to this year’s boot tradeshow in Düsseldorf. There were many enthusiastic visitors who expressed positive attitudes towards our products and eagerness to try the boards. We are also achieving great success in the daily development of the boards, which is exciting.

Lampuga CEO Nicolai Weisenburger:

How often are you riding your own boards?

As often as I can. I try to take part at as many test drives as possible, but unfortunately it does not always work out. When I can make time for riding the boards it helps me to calm down.

Lampuga Boost in yellow
Lampuga Boost in yellow

What do you plan for the future?

We are very excited about the good response and positive feedback so far and hope the boards will bring a lot of fun for everyone.

Lampuga CEO Nicolai Weisenburger:

Anything else you would like to share with the Lampuga fans?

Currently we are building a new production hall. After completion, we can start mass-production of our boards. We are also working on expanding our dealer network in Europe and want to distribute the boards worldwide in the coming year.

Thank you, Nicolai

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