Searider Aqua Bike - Electric jet ski with a difference

The Searider is a new concept in electric jet skis. A motorcycle for the water or an aqua bike.

The Searider was unveiled today at the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf. The Aqua Bike is expected to be available from summer 2024 in 2 model variants and was a real eye-catcher at the trade fair. On request, test rides can take place near the factory in Greece in April at the earliest. We'll stay on it and seize the opportunity.

We are already familiar with the Searider team. It is the same team that brought out a jet board. The company is based in Monaco. For example, the Searider uses the same batteries as the Jet Surfboard, only two of them. There is also a lot of other technology from the jetboard in the Searider.

Not on the E-SURFER YouTube channel, but the following video can be found on YouTube:

The Searider team has before developed a jet board

But back to the Searider. My first question was how you would get on, because the Aqua Bike would fall over like a motorcycle when stationary. The answer was plausible. The Searider sinks down to the seat in the water and a low center of gravity prevents it from tipping over. You sit on the Aqua Bike and when you accelerate, you are lifted out of the water like a water ski water start. I'm already looking forward to the first test ride 😉

Incidentally, the manufacturer doesn't want to call the Aqua Bike an electric jet ski. Simply just Searider 😉

Technical data & prices

The Searider models come with up to 45 hp (33 kW) and two jet drives. Each drive is powered by its own replaceable battery. The batteries (identical to the ESURF battery) are plugged in on the left and right under the seat. They can then be charged with two power supply units at any house power supply.

Searider Modell Searacer
Searider model Searacer

The total weight including the batteries is 65 kg. If you remove the 15 kg batteries, the naked Aqua Bike weighs 35 kg. The dimensions are designed so that it can be transported in an SUV with the rear seat folded back. A trailer would then not be necessary.

The top speed is up to 77 km/h and the range is said to be up to 90 minutes. More on this in the models below. The Aqua Bike is designed for one person and the price is EUR 22,800 or EUR 27,950 (excluding taxes and shipping).

Searider models

There are two models, the Searacer and Seacruiser.


As the name suggests, the Searacer is the sportier Aqua Bike and looks like a racing motorcycle. With 45 hp (33 PS), it can reach speeds of up to 77 km/h and the battery is said to last up to 50 minutes.

Searacer Prototyp auf der boot Messe 2024
Searacer prototype at boot show 2024 in Germany

The Searacer is available in three colors: White, silver and blue. The total weight is 65 kg.


The Seacruiser comes in a retro design. A bit like an old Vespa scooter. With 30 hp (22 PS), it can reach speeds of up to 55 km/h and the battery should last up to 90 minutes.

The Seacruiser is also available in three colors: red, cream and light blue. The total weight is 70 kg, making it slightly heavier than the Searacer. However, this is intended to support stability.

Seacruiser Aquabike
Seacruiser Aquabike

The Seacruiser is therefore a little slower and more stable than the Searacer.


A third model is outlined in the company brochure. The Seacross appears to be a little higher. In other words, similar to a motocross bike. More was not yet known.

It should also be possible to jump with the Searider models. A higher cross model would perhaps be appropriate here.


Whether electric jet ski or not, I particularly liked the look of the Searacer. The Seacruiser wasn't my thing, but that's a matter of taste.

The fun factor can only be determined if you can take a test ride. I couldn't see any steep curves on the promo video. The driver was wearing diving goggles, which looked quite funny. Whether it was the spray or the wind at 77 km/h is hard to say.

The price is a bit steep, but you can't treat yourself to anything else 😉 I'm looking forward to the first Searider test ride and will report more then.

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