Takuma electric foil surfboard demonstration at boot 2020

We got a Takuma electric foil surfboard demonstration at boot 2020 from the French manufacturer. Two electric hydrofoils were presented at the show.

We did write already about the board in November 2018 when it was still called the eTakuma and also did an interview with CEO Cyril, but now we finally were able to see the board. Not on the water, but at least we could touch it and get the functionality explained on a working board. At booth at boot in Dusseldorf Sales Manager Sylvain Aurenche, the Takuma Pro Rider Theo Demanes and their German sales guy Jürgen Staudacher were present.

Sylvain mentioned that they launched in October 2018 and have sold 4,000 units, but this turned out to be a misunderstanding. They may be shipped first products to beta testers since then and their capacity per year from 2020 is 4,000 units. My understanding is they are just starting to ship now in larger volumes.

Takuma is known since years for hydrofoils for surfing and kitesurfing and therefore shares a similar background like Lift Foils with their eFoil. Their board has a modular approach which means that you can use it as an Efoil with electrical powered mast or use a traditional mast without the battery inside. They use a 3 kW engine which is less than the 5 kW which Flite of Lift are using and promise a speed of 34 km/h or 21 mph.

e-Takuma controller looking like the Flyux Compensator
e-Takuma controller looking like the Flyux Compensator

The Takuma electric foil surfboard is available (or will be available) in 2 sizes. An E-Foil Access 50 which is 190 cm long and has a volume of 150 litres and an E-Foil Pack 50 which is 160 cm long (this one had its world premier at the boot show). Other than Lift Foils they decided to start with a larger board first (to address a larger user base) and launch a smaller product later. The mast is pretty short with just 50 cm, which makes it easier to ride, but also less attractive for good riders.

The remote control was developed by BBTalkin which you may know from the Bluetooth headsets used by Kite-surf instructors. It follows the same principle where you close a transparent lid in order to make it water-proof. It has a turn knob in order to adjust the speed. It also has a trigger which you need to pull as a safety feature and a boost button for heavy riders or in rough sea. See the demo in the following video:

The wings are available in 3 sizes. The 1900 for beginners and extra stability, the 1600 as the allrounder and the 1300 for tighter carving. I found the controller looked pretty much like the Flux Compensator from the movie "back to future". Pretty cool.

Takuma electric foil surfboard waterproof connectors
Takuma electric foil surfboard waterproof connectors

Something unique to the Takuma electric foil surfboard is how they handle the water-cooling. They do it like some of the Jetboards and let water into the battery compartment. At first I thought this would make the board heavy, but they have 2 wholes to release the water and it will probably anyways not much more than 1 kg as the space between the battery and controller is limited. But what happens if someone is riding the board for one hour and not touching the surface. May it overheat without water?

The E-Foil Access 50 is available for 6,990 EUR including taxes and the E-Foil  50 will br available soon for 6,799 EUR. An extra Access battery is selling for 1,799 EUR. The new shorter Takuma electric foil surfboard  will have smaller battery with less range, but it only weights 7 kg. The Access battery shall give a range up to 60 - 90 minutes and has a battery weight of 12 kg. I found the battery charger a little bit tiny. No charging time was mentioned.

The Takuma battery charger looks pretty small
The Takuma battery charger looks pretty small

The Takuma electric foil surfboard is available in red, white, light blue and asphalt grey and comes with a board bag as well as chargers for the battery and the remote. More info at: takuma.com

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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