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VeFoil DIY waterproof remote control

News from the VeFoil team in Canada. They have teamed up with Miles Hammond to develop a DIY waterproof remote control.

The wireless waterproof remote control will be not only available for the VeFoil Electric Hydrofoil, but can also be used for electric surfboards.

VeFoil DIY waterproof remote control
VeFoil DIY waterproof remote control

Chris from VeFoil is addressing a well known gap in the DIY electric surfboard and hydrofoil community with this project.

I have seen many DIY projects were riders were using a standard remote control (e.g. for remote controlled cars / planes) and where just protecting it with some plastic bag and tape. In fact I have seen professional electric surfboard company prototypes doing the same.

This is why the VeFoil team will be offering the waterproof remote control also as a white label product for electric surfboard, E-SUP and Electric Hydrofoil companies. They are already engaged with 3 companies for that.

wireless waterproof remote control for electric surfboards
wireless waterproof remote control for electric surfboards

Chris and Miles (who has designed SUP boards and kitesurfing equipment in the past) started to work on this project a few month ago.

The remote control electronics are finished and shortly the waterproof housing should be finalised. The remote control is supposed to work with all ESC's, supports a motor shutdown safety feature and will also provide a second channel for advanced features such like water pump, video recording, etc.

The remote is designed for a smooth throttle control, is ergonomically shaped and does of course float. The idea is to combine orders from as many DIY fans and professional board manufacturers to keep the cost down with the combined volume.

Earlier VeFoil remote control prototypes
Earlier VeFoil remote control prototypes

If you don't know VeFoil, it is a Canada based team who started on Kickstarter to develop a DIY electric hydrofoil and to develop parts which can be used by a larger community.

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