WaveShark eFoil review - Electric Foil from China

Also for our WaveShark eFoil review the team from Amsterdam had brought an electric foil board for us to Berlin. In autumnal weather, we were able to extensively test the E-Hydrofoil.

As already mentioned in the WaveShark Jetboard review, this manufacturer is a newcomer on the market. Just like the jetboard, the first thing I noticed was the size. The carbon fiber electric hydrofoil is very large. Not only the hull, but also the battery and the wing. The large volume made the board very easy to ride.

Just like the Jetboard, the eFoil was the only board in Europe so far for our WaveShark eFoil review. A good opportunity for an early test report. In the following video General Manager Richard Ye explains the board to us:

Video chapter:

0:00 Intro WaveShark
0:49 WaveShark eFoil components
1:20 Wings
1:34 Battery
2:36 Board bags
2:53 Price and availability
3:13 Test ride and conclusion

Technical Specifications

The E Foilboard comes with an optional safety leash. This is very unusual for such a large board, because a leash is really only used by experienced riders in big waves. In addition I found the leash to be quite short and would not recommend it for beginners. But you can take it off 😉

The E-Foil has no hand straps on the sides of the board. This makes it difficult to transport to the water. Although there are hand straps on the battery that could be used. However the board is too heavy with the battery to carry it around. Without the battery, you can reach into the battery compartment, but as I experienced during the WaveShark eFoil review, the board slips easily out of your hand in this case. WaveShark should definitely add hand straps to the board.

The WaveShark eFoil weighs about 13 kg without battery, but 21 kg are added for the battery. This makes the WaveShark battery probably the heaviest eFoil battery on the market. But it should offer a range of up to 3 hours according to the manufacturer. That would be a lot. Too heavy for my taste, though. Other batteries with a range of 2 hours weigh about 14 kg.

WaveShark eFoils
WaveShark eFoils

WaveShark currently offers 3 wing sizes. The large wing is huge and is suitable for beginners and very heavy riders. The smaller the wing, the faster and more maneuverable the ride. The wings can be changed very easily with only 2 screws. The front and rear wings come in one piece, so you can't try different combinations like with other manufacturers (e.g. Lift Foils and Fliteboard).

The 2.6 kWh battery is not put into a battery compartment, but like Waydoo it is put directly into the board and secured with 4 quick release fasteners. Due to the large weight, the battery snaps in quite well, but can almost only be removed again with two people.

Andreas testing the WaveShark eFoil
Andreas testing the WaveShark eFoil at low temperatures

The top speed is specified with 45 km/h. However, this is only with the small wing, which should still provide 2 hours of range according to the manufacturer.

A special feature of the WaveShark eFoilboard is the rear light. It shines continuously red but also shows the change of direction by flashing. An illumination is a good idea, however, it would have been better with red and green to represent the position lights of a sports boat. I have already been expelled from the water several times by the water police at dusk, because the eFoils and jetboards have no lighting. First manufacturers have already announced position lights. However, these must then be attached to the side.

The remote has 4 modes and looks identical to the WaveShark jet-board remote. The display is bright enough, but I found the font too small. At 12,900 EUR, the WaveShark Foil is not one of the cheap models but also uses high quality materials like carbon fiber on the board, mast and the wings.

WaveShark eFoil review and conclusion

The eFoilboard from WaveShark is very easy to ride. This is due to the size with the high volume. However, I found it to be quite sluggish, which is due to the size and especially the weight of the heavy battery. Although the small wings increase maneuverability, the weight remains.

The 34.5 kg total weight also makes it unwieldy on land, especially because the hand straps are missing. However, those who particularly care about maximum range (for example, when sharing the board with multiple riders) might feel comfortable here.

eFoil with tail light and turn signal
eFoil with tail light and turn signal

Personally, I don't like the fact that the battery compartment has been omitted. I find it easier to insert and remove the battery with the battery compartment. In addition, you can stow keys or papers there. The tail light I find good, but position lights but would have been even better. The turn signal function comes delayed and therefore makes less sense.

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